Thursday, 11 August 2016

David's Letter to Papa and Daddy's Reply.

Dear Dad,
My apologies, for choosing this way  to talk to you, i don't intend to appear discourteous or disrespectful, I am just a son finding a way to express his mind to his papa. I know I am still that quiet son who is frightened at the sound of your voice than a ghosts could never scare me, whose eyes is filled with hot tears, when you and Mum starts...

I choose this way to communicate with you because I am not certain the response from my Dad if I dare stand before him with what's on my mind; the good thing of this medium, is you will have a glimpse into my big mind that you or nobody can shrink.

Daddy, you’ve been that man I have sworn never to be like in 20 years time and trust me, it is a fear, that has be pursuing me since I became conscious of all your actions. Well I am glad I have this kind of fear behind me, it will stay as a constant reminder of the kind of husband and father I don’t want to be.

Talking of pursue, Daddy what has been chasing you away from the house, wish I can call it a home? Don’t answer that, I have an idea of the answer.

The level of pain you have inflicted on mummy and us plus the ripple effect it’s having on us your children is more than words can say?
Thinking of the last incidence between you and my Mum, I wonder why she has stayed with you this long if this has been the constant treatment you have meted out to her, maybe because of us the children or she is determined to prove that you guys are no mistake, it baffles me, she is smart, a graduate, exposed I am amazed, been asking why, she has no answer to it, maybe you do.

Daddy she’s your wife or maybe you have gone through a divorce with her in your mind and she’s not aware, because she's no proverb 18:22, was she forced on you, did you ever chase her, where you guys ever sweet loving couples? I am in no ways comparing you with other men, but I have seen how other men treat their wives, my hostel mate parents comes to visit them, and I have seen how they adore their wives, the looks between their eyes and the smiles they share, it amazes me after these year’s they are still passionate about themselves, but anytime I look into your eyes, what I see most times is horrendous and the picture you have painted on your canvas of how a husband and wife should live, is terrifying, Daddy, I wish you have stayed enough at home to see she is a Proverb 31:10-31.

Daddy, I don’t love you and I really want to love you, do you want my children to hate me? I see a replica of you in me; will you be proud to say you want me to follow in your footsteps?
I see your biceps and triceps are bulging out? Why won’t they? Mummy has become your punching bag and the street jest, thanks to you.

Daddy, I have imagined you calling me “Where art thou” as God almighty called out to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:9, only this time, I will be jetting at breakneck pace to meet you and not hiding, because I know it will be a good fellowship between father and son.

Daddy, I call you Daddy, not because you deserve it, but because I am hoping it will encourage the growth of affinity inside me for you.

I am in no position to ask you any questions, but sir, I am only seeking ways of reaching out to you, I want to know why you are this man.
Why laughter and tête-à-tête are snuffed out at home at the sound of your black Peugeot 504, I want to know why your wife, my sister, has to put up a smile for you when I have heard of the horrible stories they regale their friends about you.

Daddy, there are lots of questions your actions has raised and I know I cannot get all my answer? But sir, I want to know you, I want to learn about life’s ups and down from you, I want to develop basic value system, above all, Dad, I want to communicate with you.
I want us to be father and son again, where we ever?

Please a response from you will go a long way to giving me a mind shift about you.

Your son in Limbo

Dear son,

Surprised at your medium to communicate, to bare your mind to me.
Son, have i been this man you inked down? Pheew
Unconventional as it seems, thank you son, for being bold enough to find a medium to reach out to me. I won’t try to answer all of your questions, in this letter, but I will hopefully pick a few and try and keep trying in subsequent letters.

Lets start with communication , David my son, i have extended my arms to you, several times but maybe I was far gone, and you didn’t see it. You stopped being a son and created a digital fence between us. (Scourge of modern time. Facebook, twitter and whatever)

About your mummy, I think that is our private issues that you should stay out, I am a proud father knowing that you are standing up for her. Thank you, you just showed that you can carry on the baton in my absence.

My son, let me shock you, your Mum, is not going anywhere, because I know, you have never given a serious thought to this words, Love, Loyalty and Commitment. you should from now do, because this are the principles that a great man lays the foundation of his life on.
She has engraved them in her heart, I am not in any way justifying my actions, but your mummy made me.

Son, I have tried reaching out to you, but you are not always there, too much telephone, facebook and numerous social network has taken the place of our scrabble and monopoly, yeah they are coming right?. We were once father and son, and I enjoyed every moment.
I guess the issue between me and your mother has driven you far away.

Please, accept my apology and let’s find a common ground to meet.
I am now on facebook and twitter, I will be watching you, we could see Natgeo and learn about animals, I have forgiven your mum, and I am a better person, I am here and I will give you my best to teach you about lives value.

David, I will stop here, with this adage, “link a boy to the right man, and he seldom fail”, Please give me a chance to be the right man.
 I will write you tomorrow.

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