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Buhari and the Warri Photographer

Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo.
We continue with the series, Buhari in Warri, exploiting ways we can turn things around in our life and our city, by doing all we can do with and for our business. If we get it right in our little endeavors, the economy will benefit from it and so will our city.

Today we are discussing the rise of a new set of superstars that over time has helped us to express and relive memories. One will think that the advent of high-end phones with good camera will signal the end of photographers, but no, Photography is big business and has progressively positioned herself into the Political, Religious, Economic and Social lives of Nigerians. I knew the 2015 election was going to be very interesting when APC presidential candidate, our President released online, several strategic photographs. PMB used pictures to rebrand, repackage and rally support to win the election.

Warri boast of some great photographers and film maker with standard studio who are not only just photographing people and event, but also things, places, food etc. There’s a sizeable amount of photographers not doing so well, you see them shabbily dressed and harrassing you in functions, to snapp and give you pictures 75% of the time you regret taking.

Here’s 5 tips that can help Warri Photography change the economic landscape of our city.

1.     Quality
Quality never goes out of style. There are pictures that are so expressive that only the viewers start making stories in their head. This kind of pictures come alive because, the photographer has invested both time to get the details right. Take quality photographs that your future self will be proud of.

2.     Keep Record and Have a Data Base
Many photographers don’t keep record or have a data base of their customers. Every business that must suceed needs to have a way of keeping record and reaching out to their customers for repeat business. Record will help every business manage the business properly and make informed decisions and customer data base will encouraging repeat customer base.

3.     Make use of softwares.
Photography has gone beyond cut and nail approach. There are softwares out there, e.g. Lightroom that can enhance the quality of your shoots and not making use of them only says that you are an amature and who will hire an amature to cover his wedding or event?

4.     Take out time to learn
Manchester United or Remadrid did not give Christiano Ronaldo his talent neither did Barcelona for Lionel Messi, while the talent is inside them, they have to learn how and train to become world superstars. To succeed at photography you must never stop learning nor think you’ve known it all. Keep an open mind, do not be high minded and not ask questions from your colleagues or spending some time to learn new suffs online or from them.

There are photographers who knows nothing about aerial photography. Aeriel photography is gradually becoming an extension of core photography, if you don’t know how to operate the drone how do you expect land contracts that the clients request for both normal and aeriel photography?

5.     Get online.
Technology keeps creating new jobs and opportunities for people to make a living, from the comfort of their home or via their mobile phones. It’s expediente to get your jobs online and trademark or copywrite it. Going online means you have a website, you are blogging, Instagraming, facebooking or tweetting etc yourself and works.

Solomon Elohor Abe
Solomon, has over seven years experience in creative design and professional photography, he had previously worked for SASS Agencies, Nice Magazine UK/Gambia, and also served as the project coordinator for Miss West Africa Gambia and International 2011.

Solomon’s creative talents are visible in The Gambia Business Directory 2012, as well as in MarketPlace Business Newspaper (Gambia), Warri Fitness Festival, Virtuosity’s Stories ‘n’ Harmonies, The Cake’s Relish, White Heart Foundation’s Child Not Slave Campaign, SaltCity’s Decode, Deliberate Life, and many more.

Solomon, studied Law at the University of The Gambia, and has been called to Nigerian Bar, he specializes in Corporate, Property Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Apart from his creative talent, he brings a distinctive appreciation of the law that is invaluable for business.

He is the Creatice Director AFE Studios & AFE Photo Art Gallery, the founder of Nyimarr’s Spoken Word, He is an Ambassador to Nigerian Photography Expos & Conference, and the lead tutor in AFE Institute Photography & Designs.

You can reach him via
Instagram: @solomonabe @afestudios
Twitter: @afe_studios

Facebook:, AFE Studios, AFE Studios NG

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