Friday, 5 August 2016

A Warri Boy in the Olympics (Rio 2016.)

When Nigeria Win Brazil,
When Nigeria Win Brazil ooO

Bebeto start to cry
When Nigeria win Brazil.

I was very young and tinny, but i couldn’t help the euphoria, but to join the jubilating crowd in dancing, singing and hitting the local drum as we danced and matched in droves, singing to Hausa quarter, the area that one of the team member Wilson Oruma father has a house.

It was quite a distance, but the joy and gladness in our heart made the journey looked like a stone throw, we got there, not expecting to be fed with food or drinks, as it was around the wee hours of the day, aside that who would have thought we would have been victors.

Twenty years after, the story has been different, the journey to this year Olympics in Brazil has been characterized by funny stories, from no flight fair for Athletes to our soccer team stranded in the US, when they have the opening match in less than 48 hours.

There was already a crowdfunding plan underway for Warri to support Nigerian athletes with a million naira, until the federal government debunked the rumour that they didn’t send out any mail, that they are not paying for flight fares. Today is not for us to discuss if it’s true or not, but the recent episode with our soccer team, that the team manager, Samson Siasia coming out to say they don’t have money, or the team not having the right Jet or whatever to fly to Rio, when the team has the opening match, suggest that incompetence is a big example of corruption killing our Nigeria.

Another #HOW (Human of Warri) Oghenekaro Etebo who played for our darling Warri Wolves is in #DreamTeamVI and he scored four goals in our opening.

No excuse is good enough, we are not incompetent but competent people, we are self motivated, we are the #newwarri.

Have a great weekend.

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