Saturday, 20 August 2016

6 Night Hustle in Warri.

A few weeks back we discussed night life in Warri. It’s obvious the city is no longer what it used to be and we certainly can’t go back, but we can do better. If you’ve not read night life in warri, here’s a link to do so.

Just recently, i read an article that ranked Lagos as the World’s third worst city to live in. According to the ranking done by the Economist Intelligence unit released on the 19th of August, 2016, Lagos came out 138, out of 140. Lagos is the poster child of Nigeria, and if it is there, then where’s Warri? Lagos is a twenty four hour city, because there are business in the city that does not go to sleep, but unlike my beloved Warri, where the city goes to sleep before midnight. However there are certain business that is thriving in specific areas in the city, especially in the night. Here’s a few of them.

1. Drinking spot.
The city may not be up there in certain things, but in acoholic consumption, Warri ranks high. There’ll always be a bar or local corner that sells alcohol, even local gin like ogogoro or dogoyaro at night. From NPA to Effurun roundabout or Enerhen Junction to Orhuwohrun, in between our local streets and junctions, you find people seating around tables, laughing, argueing and boozing.

2. Food business.
Food business is another business that does well at night, although is a bit expensize. When the pricey fast food goes to bed, the night sellers takes over. You can find any kind of food at night from roasted pork meat and kpokpogarri.

3. Cab Services.
Cab services does well at night in Warri too. The transport system in Warri used to be Buses, Taxis and Okada, Okada was replaced with Keke and keke drove Taxis out of market except in the night, because Keke too has a curfew.

Taxis drivers makes more money at night because they charge higher and work without much hassle and hold up.

4. Fuel Sellers.
The security challenges in the city and lack of an automated form of payment, makes gasoline stations to lock up shop early and when they do, local sellers take over.

5. Suya and Noodle Business
Suya sellers and indomie is another business that does well at night, guys cue up at local noodles spot and often times, there’s a noodle man attached to suya stand or standing and selling seperately.

6. Prostitution
This is not a proud business, but in other parts of the world it’s a legalized business. At night ladies display themselves on the road, like wares and in both high end and local drinking spots, this ladies they sashay past customers.

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