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6 Things Learnt From The Dog Named Buhari.

There’s no logical arithmetic calculation to arrive at the conclusion where one person chases a thousand, and two puts ten thousand to flight. There’s strength in unity and with collaboration great things can be achieved. Nigerians are not ignorant of our collective power, but yet the dog that is assigned to everybody to feed, can die easily from hunger.

Our news headlines recently, has been bastardized with the travail of Mr. Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, the man who named his Dog Buhari, who claimed he did so out of admiration for President Muhammad Buhari, a man he considered a hero.

Here’s a few lesson learnt from the Dog called Buhari

1.Our Government already has the capacity to do better.
I make bold to say that this dog called Buhari made it obvious that the government and all it’s various ministries and agencies can do better if they want to. The swiftness in handling and deciding this dog case made it obvious. It may appear light, but it’s not, why? Because A man’s Life is involved and secondly it’s within ethnic and religious boundaries which off course has the greatest potentials that can lead to crisis in Nigeria.
We are aware that the lackadaisical attitudes towards work in government establishment is one reason why public companies e.g. NITEL, NEPA, etc has failed. Nigerians are not friends with the police, neither do they enjoy going to law courts because of their many bureaucracy. The swift execution of judgement from both the police and law court, indicates that all government parastatals can easily collaborate and work efficiently, if they want to.

2. Not All Fathers can take a Joke.
The presidency of OBJ and GEJ at different times took insults in good faith. I can remember OBJ being referred to as monkey and GEJ called so many unprintable names, yet no fine was paid.

3. Ethnic animosity.
These saga once again highlight the dangers of crossing the invincible enemy lines, set by geopolitical zones and enforced by religioun. Ask the students that were burnt in Zamfara, or the lady whose head was chopped off for preaching or Mr. Fortemose Chinakwe.

4. No Respect for Animals
We have no respect for animals. One of my beef with Louis Litt in the popular TV series suits, has to do with his love for cats. Now i don’t know why, it’s just an unconscious programming in my head that such attention should be put into better things that needs it. Go to the government Veterinary at Lower Erejuwa opposite the spare parts market, by garage and see how dilapidated it is. This is the same attitude for almost all governmental establishment.

5. Fickle Friendship
How we treat our pets tells a lot how we treat our friends. Some reports read that Mr. Joe has disposed the dog, so that there’ll be no evidence to prosecute him with, who knows the fate of the Dog, however, he’s not the only one guilty of these, we all are. We have friends who give wimpy excuses to dispose of their pets, sometimes because they need the money. Truth is, that’s how we treat our friends and family members, we hide behind a single excuse and cut off or try to tarnish reputations of the others just because of one incident, forgetting the many times he or she has been there for you.

6. Unity in Adversity.

It was pleasing to read how almost ninety thousand Naira has been raised for Mr. Joe to offset the bail that was set at fifty thousand Naira from Pro Dog Buhari. Nigerians over time has shown that they can be their brothers keeper and it’s something we all should be proud of. This was not the first and it won’t certainly be the last.

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