Thursday, 25 August 2016

5 Reason why should buy in Bulk.

“For this Buhari regime” is the new slogan that is unconsciously in everyone’s lips. The ambiance is saturated with people groaning and moaning, seeking for ways out of the economic quagmire.
I noticed that this Buhari regime has forced many smart people to be making unwise decision in their purchase. Those that buy in bulk are now buying in bits, which i discover is unwise.

Here’s a few reason why it’s wiser to buy in Bulk.

1.    Save Cost.
It’s cheaper to buy certain consumables in bulk. One may think he/she buying in bits is saving money, on the contrary, they are spending more. Take for instance a family that buys bag of rice, now buying basket or cups, spends more. Let’s do the maths, A bag of rice is within N23,000 and it contains twelve bucket or basket and small extra, that cost around N2,500 each. If you are buying a bucket or basket thinking you are saving money in this Buhari regime, you actually spending more money. This same principle applies to other commodities like sachet milk, onions, grandnut oil or oil.

2.  Reduce Transport Cost.
Buying in bulk saves you transport cost and the stress of going to buy the commodity. Many parents are compelled out of necessity to send their children in adverse weather condition to buy items that they use to have in the house. This weather can lead to health challenges, if not properly checked. E.g. sending kids to buy sachet milk under the rain because they want to drink hot tea.

3.  Reuse of Materials.
Most of the items bought in bulk has materials that can be reused or sold. E.g. Bag from bag of rice can be sold or sent to Granny in the village for other purpose, even containers can be converted and used efficiently.

4.  Line of Credit.
Buying in bulk gives you a line of credit with your Seller. If you’ve bought consistently from a specific seller, it affords you the privilege to drive and ask for credit and give a post dated cheque or say when to pay, unlike buying in bits where you don’t have that trust. 

5.  Prestige and a Sense of Pride.

Buying in bulk comes with a sense of pride. The children are happy to help discharge from the car. It will afford you the opportunity to even be a good Samaritan, but buying in bits takes away these advantages.

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