Friday, 15 July 2016


The phrase ‘change is a constant thing’ is common, only that they who profess it ignore the constant thing itself. Change is the process by which the future invades our lives. It was the slogan of the recently concluded general election in Nigeria, the mantra of our every day economy that we lament of, yet do nothing about. 

Down here in the most Southern part of the South, the effect of recent change in the economy has hit our cities so bad one can smell the lack in the air.

From Keke Drivers to Road Side Recharge Card Sellers, to the Makeup Artist, to the Photographer to the New Graphics Artist, to the budding Fashion Designer, when asked ‘What Matters Now’, answer with one voice, ‘Entrepreneurship’. This is good news for the city, however, the enterprise of the future have a different language, Pace and Culture.

Previously, men studied the past to shed light on the present, but in today’s entrepreneurship world, the time-mirror has been turned around. A coherent image of the future can shower us with valuable insights for today. To be effective in business today, you have to know where the world is going, how it is going there and who is taking it there. And this is what the conference Decode is about.

Decode is a Creative Entrepreneurs Conference positioned to engage this societal challenge by equipping Creatives with the knowledge, skill and sophistication needed to forge profitability and fulfillment.

Our hope is that through these unique experiences, there will be a spark within you to make better art, live more authentically, and use your creativity to inspire the world around you.

Our mission is to empower creatives to be their best creative 'selfs' through building experiences that will enhance their lives and creativity. 

When was the last time you rethought how you approach sales and pricing? Having a better understanding of this process can impact every part of your business or freelance career. This process is rarely showcased or discussed among peers, which is why Decode will walk you through pricing your creative work based on the value you're generating.

The conference creates a space where you will be challenged to push yourself in the creative process, inspired by others who are thriving in the creative industry, and empowered with resources and practical tips to help you pursue excellence.

At the end of the two-day experience you will leave with a fresh spark of passion, filled to the brim with innovative ideas, and with a community of creatives who are ready to create and do life with you.

So friend, if you are yet to register for Decode, here is your chance, click on this link

It is free but it is open only to the first 150 people that registers.

See you there,

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