Saturday, 2 July 2016

Warri Weekly, Vol. 9: Buhari in Warri.

Photo Credit : Official Portrait of PMB
President Muhammadu Buhari during the signing into law the budget of change said Nigeria was “experiencing probably the toughest economic times in the history of our nation”. He acknowledged what most citizens now go through when he said, “I read the newspapers and listen to the television and radio. I hear your cries. I share your pains.” This pain has taken a driver seat in the lives of Nigerians with the recent removal of fuel subsidy.

In recent month prices of commodities, particularly imported ones have gone berserk, making life unbearable. Even the tariff for the flickering electricity has gone up as much as 40 percent. I read on the dailies that the federal government is planning second bailout, this suffice to say that a wholesome percentage of states owes workers salaries.

There was over 750,000 thousand applicant and 350,000 made the cut off into the Nigerian Police force that needed just 10,000 officers, the huge traffic to the website is a testimony to the ongoing torments evident on the street from the huge unemployed youths.

There are many conspiracy theories as regards the ongoing hardship in the country and our dear city has not been spared of it. No doubt prolonged period of cheap oil in the international market has impacted the flow of foreign currency to the national treasury, and the free fall of the oil price has created a ripple effect in the economy, the ongoing saga with The Niger Delta Avengers has exposed the nations weakness on depending on oil and the government has to put in extreme caution to deal with it.

I cannot say that I know of the current economic situation in Lagos, Abuja or Ibadan, but I know for sure that President Muhammadu Buhari is in Warri, because the effects of is administration is evident in my dear city.

I am optimistic for this administration and that is why as citizen we should be supportive of the government by joining our creative potentials to lessen the burden.

It is in this regards that New Warri will be sharing tips and thoughts on everyday practical businesses that are driving the economy of the city.

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