Monday, 18 July 2016


There’s a new anthem, in the lips of almost everyone in the city, i don’t know if we are blowing it out of proportion, but everywhere you turn, you hear “For this Buhari Regime?”

Yes i concur that a couple of people has lost their job, but look around and let’s tell ourselves the honest truth, people are still working out there. People still retains their old job, getting same salaries, riding and upgrading their cars, car dealers are not out of business, boutique guys still frequent Onitsha and Lagos, dreadlock is not envogue (barbing saloon still dey open) cement and building materials dealers are still selling, booka and canteen still opening, there’s still the regular goslow in at Igbudu market, Tankers are still packed on both side of refinery road (discussion for another day), traffic jam on the road to Ubeji, churches and schools have not closed down. etc Yes, times are pretty funny, but why lay it all at President Buhari’s feet? Yes he’s the point man, but if we are going to get there, from here, then we should start accepting some of the responsibilities to this challenges by doing something about the economic situation.

Writing now, i am reminded of a book i bought a few years ago, Multiple Streams of Income. The idea the book was selling, was don’t put all your financial egg in one basket, have other streams that generates income.

One thing that is seemingly obvious in the city working class, is having only one means of income and even the business men are seating on a lackadaisic throne full of complacency. The global economic landscape is tilting towards entrepreneurship. If entrepreneurship is what the future holds, then from option A to Z is entrepreneurship.

Here are benefits every HOW (Humans of Warri) can enjoy, by having a side business in this Buhari regime.

1. The only antidote to the “For this Buhari Regime is having extra cash, from extra income. The paramount reason why evey HOW should have another stream of income in “this buhari regime” is more money. I read a tweet that says, a mechanical engineer working in an oil and gas firm, without an entrepreneurial mindset is not any better than a Keke repaire. It is good to know that the only source of your income is not the monthly bank alert. There’ll always be bills to pay and it’ll keeps piling up. The cash from per time business can cover for so many of these bills.

2. It's expedient that we stay focused in this Buhari regime. Having a side hustle will enable you to be more focused. The time spent for frivolous movement or going to see who does not want to see you is cut off. It will also limit the amount of unnecessary time we spend on our phones chatting, flirting, browsing and draining of our batteries. Once in a while it’s good to find a way to cool off, but Newsflash our lifes are not going to get any less busier.

3. The third thing that a per time job will gurantee you is that, you have an opportunity to You will learn a new skill. Don’t be afraid to venure into a terrain unknown to you, do proper research and you are on your way to  becoming jack of all trade and thereby learning something new.

4. Furthermore, having another stream of income is like a safe net, a back up plan. You have something like a security for unpredictable future. There’s a sense of peace in you, knowing that you are on your way to your own financial security.’

5. And lastly, having a per time business will bring a sense of satisfaction in you that in this Buhari regime you started a business and growing it. the reality that you have something of your own, gives you self esteem or a boost!

To love Warri is to join the conversation, what did we miss?

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