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Warri Post : 7 Effects of Brexit on HOW (Humans of Warri).

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It was interesting to discover that Nigeria almost succeeded to become a member of EEC. It was Dr. P.C.N. Okigbo who led Nigeria’s delegation to apply for associate membership of the EEC now EU which began as European Economic Community of six countries Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Italy on 25 March 1957 with the signing of the Rome Treaty, today it has 27 members.

Negotiations started from 1963 through 1966. However, while all the Member States supported Nigeria’s application, France vetoed it in 1966 in Lagos where the signing of the agreement was to be done, after Britain our imperial master, has been denied thrice and all thanks to Charles De Gaulle.

Nigerian never became a member of EU, but somehow, Nigeria has enjoyed huge benefits from EU through her former Imperial master UK who on the 23rd of June 2016 voted to leave the EU through a referrendum, so also will Nigeria reap the backlash from Brexit.

For well over 43 years, the UK has been a stronger member of the EU. Its economy has benefited immensely from being a part of the 28 member economic and social organisation that made Europe what it is today. The UK overtime achieved major feats and its economy became the centerpiece of the EU.

Advocates of Brexit would not have known that the consequence of exiting EU would have this far and wide reach, especially to a city as Warri in Delta State, Nigeria.
Below are the Effects of Brexit on the City of Warri.

1.    For every Warri man and lady working in the UK, their Job won’t be affected in anyway because, they have been working as African citizens and not as people from EU states. They will continue with their jobs either as Africans or British citizens, and hopefully with better pay packages.

2.    Every Warri man or lady stands a better chance to get better job right now in the UK unlike before where EU citizens with less qualification enjoys that advantage.

3.    The UK economy is going to suffer for some time, but it will regain its firm footing soon, but for the time being the quantity of pound sterling that will be coming to Warri will be limited.

4.    Warri businessmen and women in the UK and the city who does international trade should prepare to take advantage of this unique opportunity and trade freely without paying the heavy European tax, they were obligated to pay.

5.    The UK has been one of the leading voice and supporter in terms of aid to Nigeria, The presence of DFID (Department for International Development) is felt in the city in the health sector and SMEs, but since foreign aid was a serious debate in this referendum we can expect no foreign empowered project for the time being.

6.    Brexit will also have a slight educational impact on the city. There’s a good number of people, from the city studying in the UK because it grants Nigerians access to 28 EU member countries where they can pursue their educational goals and career. Brexit has put an end to that.

7.     The city of Warri stands a chance to be annexed, conquered or liberated in the near future. Brexit has inspired Biafrexit, soon there'll be agitations for a referendum. The city of Warri is strategic for both MASSOB and the federal government, for two reason, one her geographical location and natural resources. We pray that the federal governments, be smart enough not to allow things deteriorate further.

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