Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Warri Boy for Sawmill

Wen Jesus Christ in Matthew 26:11 tuk say “The Poor you’ll always have wit u”, Don Baba Jay no wetin hin dey tuk, 4get d fact sey e na Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omnievritin, Baba Jay luk pipo mind for future tuk dat word.

See eh, lyf na step by step, as all finga nor take dey equal, na so plenty persin nor take dey equal.
Make I do small list of some of few tins, wey pipo nor take dey equal.

1. Sum shut, Many tall lyk me and some average.
2. Orobo or fatty, lepa and agbani.
3. Sum moni long, sum own shut and sum na keremi or dwarf.
4. Sum go skool, sum end 4 primari or secondary and sum nor go atall, atall.
5. Sum geti brain, sum nor get and sum own na jara brain.
6. Sum get vicion, sum nor get foto, some tangolee other pipo vision, dey do dey go. Etc

See eh, d list go full big full scalp sheet, if I continue, but make I stop and join two tuk abat, and dat naim be numba five and six.

Sum geti brain, sum nor get and sum own na jara brain. Sum get vicion, sum nor get foto, some tangolee other pipo vision.

Na alarm stone master degree dropout, naim hin sey make e go hustle 4 sawmill wey dey under bridge for Udu road.

Brosis and eastar, dat sawmill open my mind to wetin I neva tink b4. Dat place na small community by itself and na community of wey dey dey close to riva and soap dey enta their eyes.

D way d sawmill be lyk, be say, diferen, diferen, shades or shop or workshop with deir own sawmill machine wey dem dey take dey cut d wood or igedu or log.Dat kind shops plenty full the place.

D hierarchy for each sumall shade for d yard na from Director, i.e d persin wey get a shop and den his boys cum follow lyk dis, Manager, Headman, operator, water man, discharger, hurler, sawdust packer.

Na d number of kubit wey una cut from Monday to Satorday go determine d moni wey dem go pay evri Satorday aftunoon,

U na oyinbo U bi, if you wear eye goggles, ear plug, coverall and safety shoe take work for dere. The only tin wey dem kno na, hand gloves or eye grass.

U cee, sum pipo nor dey use deir head to tink atall, d trend among d workas be say, dem go work moni take play jogba, online betting or carrey dorty girls and if u don work tay, wit ur director u can borrow moni on advance pending wen Satorday go reach, den director go deductam from ur pay, and by dat Saturday d Oga dem, lyk operators and headmen, wey borrow fit go home wit very sumall moni.

D workers get ovasize pride and dey carrey bodi lyk sey hin no wazzup, bet yet hin nor no why d saw wey e take dey work prize go up, as dolla prize go up. Dem go dwink Goldberg wit director, dey orda d younga boys upandan.

Anoda tin wey I notice for d sawmill be say a lot of pipo don old for d yard, sum don get terribo injuries and dem stil dey work dere. Na persin go tink sey as dem old for d yard, dem go don bcome Oga and dey flex, bet all u go cee for dem face na correct hardship, beta surfa dey blast dem left ryt and center.

D pay at d end of d week, beta sumall, 4k every Satorday go enta yor hand, plus d daily one hundred and fifty card wey dem dey give una evri day for fud and tfare.

Wetin dey scata my dredge lock fordis plenty tori, na lack of vicion or direction and no pursuit for ejucation as shut or long term plan to komot dem from d surfa.

80% if not 85% of d workas for d sawmill na yung pipo, wey dey bilow 35years.
Make I nor exaggerate atlist 50% of dem get woman and children for houz, wit sumall or no ejucacion, dem nor dey talk anytin wey make jara sense, useless tuk wey range frum girls, nairabet and wen dem wan argue here, how dem go take hamma frum d govanment, how dem nor mynd do some kind tin jux to hamma, all deir tuk na pointless argument, and if u try to point out any correction, na only u use yor hand bring insult.

My imaginate come dey run around for my head, so na so dis set of pipo go cum born dem kind wit no break in d transmission of dese crowd, except something special happens.

Mayb na dis set of pipo, Don Baba jay dey refer to wen he say una go alws get poour pipo around U. Don Baba Jay nor only min moni, but e mean say pipo wey nor dey tink properly, pipo wey get poour vision, pipo wey enta bad gang, ecetera.

Our govament and our local churches get big work for deir hand to do, dem get sidon togeda and plan to curb dis trend bcos dis set of pipo na raw latent and volatile threat waitin to happen, as dem dey so, only dem na big sekuirity challenge and dem be pawn for politicians hand.

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