Tuesday, 12 July 2016

#PoemTuesday : STAPLE OF THE SOUTH SOUTH by Faithful Poet.

(mama dey dey... Oyoyo)
Mother is back again
Ready to add to our pot gain 
We are eager to get out tummy drained 
For what she's about to prepare will add to our stomach gain.

The rascality of fresh pepper is in the air 
The presence of boiling palm oil is clear 
The clean vegetables rest on the clean stainless tray 
You can practically feel the onions influence.

The sweet fragrance of IKUN and ENYAN 
The tempting aroma of IDJENEBA and ISOWUN 
The notorious curves of OMAMERIN and KPOMO
And the awesome scent of boiling ogbono. 

The fishes dance in merriment
The vegetable is caught in the act 
Ikun and enyan, idjeneba and isowun
Are residence of this slimy pot.

Okra is present with her slim 
Maggie is here with her seasoning
Salt has just balanced the equation
Spoon in hand to taste, a perfect conclusion. 

Now what is soup without a morsel?
What is delicacy without something to mold?
Now what is happiness without a companion? 

He is the fine finished product 
of the African cassava plant.
The white resurrected smoothness 
of the drowned cassava tuber. 

He has been baptized by hot water
To be ready for his bride 
This is the delicacy that comes from ethiope east 
Combined with the staple of the south south.
Eba & akpu and Ogbono soup 

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