Tuesday, 19 July 2016

#PoemTuesday ACCUSED. By Faithful Poet Edoja

Man! you stand accused
Accused for strength misused
Misused, so don't be confused
Confused for how your strength was over-used.

Man! You stand guilty
Guilty for tainting her beauty
Beauty she holds with all clarity
Clarity you've destroyed with your brutality.

Man! You stand blamed
Blamed for now she's tamed
Tamed to the clutches for she got lame
Lame, so now what's the fame.

Man! You're wrong
Wrong for launching so strong
Strong fist stole her song
Songs that sounds sweeter than ogun's gong.

Man! Now you feel done
Done,you just turned and you're gone
Remember there's a word
He who kills by the sword die by the sword.

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