Monday, 18 July 2016

#NewWarri Monday Pills : Wetin You Dey Talk?

I trust your weekend was interesting, exciting, restful and resourceful? Mine was “awe-mazing”, it was my birthday. Yipee! Not too late to send your gift. I decided to share cartons of Garri to some poor families with the support of friends and as well unveil a nation building project #TeenNation. I realized when I shared the vision it got people talking in solution’s direction. It’s amazing how much influence we have on those around us but let me ask you; if your words this past week were to be weighed, what would be the value? Did you just gist because you must talk or were your words like a golden apple in a silver painting?

Words are powerful, they shape our reality. God said and he saw and many things we have said, we see. Example, “Nigeria is corrupt”, well…before you think far, ask yourself when last you said “God Bless Nigeria”. Those who complain more have never created anything, those who only criticize are always a burden to a productive system. Criticisms are healthy when they are constructive, so when words just fly around to satisfy an emotional state, they become cancerous to both the speaker and the “speakee” (I guess you smiled because I said something, right?). Words trigger an emotional response to a thing, so wetin you dey talk?

The more you discuss what the problem is, the more you enthrone it conquering your ability to give a defensive, creative and productive response. When I shared my vision, of how we can produce better leaders in Nigeria, I realized everyone’s face lit up with smiles and beamed with hope. Questions and discussions on how WE can achieve it was the centre of attraction for the day. Several months ago, I was on a queue in the bank waiting to pay my NEPA bill, a man complained about the stressful process, the incompetent staff and the poor state of power we don’t even see yet have to pay for. It was like dropping a cube of sugar in the open for ants gushing in with an uproar of complaints like the humming of bees. It seemed he spoke everyone’s mind as there were numerous affirmative statements with much insults on the government and then everyone laughed. I thought out loud in the words of FelaAnikulapoKuti, “this one na suffering and smiling” and people nodded but I went further to say “who truly like to suffer? This thing na our fault sha”. At this point everyone looked at me with a silent question. Yes! That was my moment.

I spoke of how we could change things if we start discussing possibilities today and have a roadmap rather than waiting for snow to fall in Nigeria. I asked, “The elephant that hasn’t flown and the man waiting for it to fly, who is more stupid?” everyone went silent. Why wait for the elephant to fly? Why not plan how to cargo it? No complain will move the elephant only action will. I showed a picture of the Warri I dreamt of and when I was done talking, some tried to say it was just a dream of an overfed ambitious young man who hasn’t faced life while others said I should run for governorship while they took my number. I got people thinking away from problems. In a bus, same happened when corruption was mentioned in the news, as usual a strong discussion on how bad things are ensued. I get excited at such points and ask “after our talk, what next?” The complaints only leave us with more pain and burden and doesn’t change a thing, so why invest time, which is the currency of life in nothingness?

According to Newton, things remain in the same state or move with same speed in same direction until an external force acts on it. In other words, people will remain small minds, conceiving mediocrity until you speak up. You never know the weight and impact of positive inspiring and purposeful words. Martin Luther King spoke what he wanted to see, Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, Mahtmaha Ghandi and many more spoke what they wanted to see in seasons that didn’t look like what they said could be possible. Do you wish Warri to be the same with memories we wish will erase? Do you want your children to live in the same frustrating environment as you did? If no, then change the conversation, speak positives and spread hope. Let your words lighten your environment today.

Don’t deny what is, however don’t dwell there. Whenever you hear what has brought pain to you, change the conversation and speak what will bring gain to you and future generations. Be a preacher of a new and better Warri, declare it “Warri Works!”, “Warri is Blessed”, “Warri is Getting Better!”, “Warri is grooming the best minds”. Be so passionately contagious with your words that whenever you show up, things go up. Always remember complainers are never remembered but creators are, so create with you words what you want to see in your world. Speak yourself to the peak of interesting experiences. Make those who are sad, smile, make those who cry, laugh. Encourage those who feel lonely, direct those who feel lost, make sense from every nonsense. Let your words call out greatness, let it awaken the potentials in others to create the desired results…let your conversation be rich and productive, let your words count. Be the voice of Change!

My challenge to you this week: consciously distort conversations that don’t produce anything you desire. When people discuss the problem ask them for their solutions and how they will go about it.

ChunuTejiri Jerry fondly called UnusualTeajay is an Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur with over 15years focus on Teenage Development.  He has a global passion that seeks the mental awakening and value re-orientation of young Africans. He serves as the Creative Director at Dotbob Creative Services and Team Head at IMAGINIT Media Resources, initiators of #iStepUpAfrica, #DecemberCookOut #TeenNation #N100Challenge and other social projects which won him an award as one of Africa’s Emerging Leaders. He currently is the Programs Manager for reading House Africa, a member of Nigeria Economic Summit Group Youth Initiative & Commonwealth Youth Council Nigeria Team.

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