Sunday, 10 July 2016

#NewWarri Monday Pills : HOW YOU SEE ME?

It’s always an exciting moment when I engage in anything that is about the future of my homeland, Warri, Nigeria and Africa at large. Thanks to Collins and team for this great work, I believe in a #NewWarri. I will be sharing every Monday quick pills that will help our healthy growth as a people of character, courage and creativity. Over time, when people meet me they easily pass me for an Ibo or Yoruba guy and they’re amazed when I say am from Warri and to be precise, Uvwie Born in Effurun. I then hear things like “you don’t look like one of them”, so I ask, how do they look?

Do a set of people have a particular look? What characterizes the look of a people; their facial structure, tongue, intonation, language, lifestyle, traditions, character or attitudinal patterns? When you step out of Delta and people hear you’re from Warri, their impression about you quickly change. Some become cautious and others expect you to say something funny mostly in pidgin. This is not only synonymous with Warri but a global phenomenon. I guess when I mention Ibo, you think money or business savvy people, right? Like the popular saying, “anywhere you don’t see an ibo man, market no de sell”. So what makes Warri so spectacularly interesting? Some say Warri boys/girls are very funny, tough and cunny and no one expects some high level of intelligence from a people branded with “gbege” as a cultural trait. Warri has been branded tough & rough, no thanks to the over publicized communal clashes, poor educational standards and sabotage by oil companies. However, amidst this perception, I and others have survived, raising the flag of our hometowns high wherever we go.

How people perceive you is key. Where you’re from can influence the perception others have but does not define the reality they finally accept.  Someone said, “Don’t allow your background put your back to the ground”. Ask yourself, are you really all the negatives others say? I believe that if you look within you will see some light looking for expression, a swag yet unfelt, an idea that will blow mediocrity from its lackadaisical throne. Look at your environment, does it represent the idea of your “dream city”? Remember Las Vegas, Dubai etc were built by men like you no matter what your excuses are. So, paint the picture you want to see and live it out loud with your life. Warri is not a place made up of people but people that made a place, how has your life added to the Warri you desire to see, or are you the problem? People may have a vague perception of you but what sticks the most is the experience they have when they encounter you.

Learn what you need to learn, upgrade yourself, repackage your content, speak positively, be the dream others wish to experience and most of all deliver global results from your local standpoint. What people actually accept is what you factually project. This week, I want you in all said, do this; paint a picture of the #NewWarri you want to see and discuss it with at least 5 people each day. Consciously walk away from talks that don’t promote your idea of a #NewWarri. Discussing a problem doesn’t solve it except it’s a discussion about how to solve them with action points. Be so positive that when people see you, they label you Mr./Mrs. #NewWarri. Take advantage of any opportunity, in a Keke, in an eatery, in the bank talk to someone about the possibilities of #NewWarri.

Papa Idahosa said. “dress the way you want to be addressed”, Blessing Okagbare isn’t thought of as a “Sapeleghel” but an outstanding Nigerian athlete, her results speak, her idea of a winning Sapele got her on the tracks. How has your idea of a #NewWarri inspired you and what have you done? Be so deliberate with how you project yourself. If your words are sweet enough, it will gather ants and remember ants are the most dedicated and coordinated building force, don’t underestimate them. Let this thought inform what you do this week; HOW DO I WANT PEOPLE TO PERCEIVE ME; an unfortunate wish, or a desirable dream? WHEN MY NAME IS MENTIONED HOW DO PEOPLE RESPOND; with fear & disappointment or motivated & inspired. Just imagine if you inspire 25 people this week asking them to inspire 25 others how the contagious perception of a #NewWarri will eventually emerge in time no matter how long it take…it would have started from you.

Feel free to share your idea or picture of a #NewWarri with me, let’s cover the social media with good stories from our environment. Let’s celebrate those who attempt to do great things even though in small ways. Let’s create the right perception for a #NewWarri

Impossible is Nothing

ChunuTejiri Jerry fondly called UnusualTeajay is an Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur with over 15years focus on Teenage Development.  He has a global passion that seeks the mental awakening and value re-orientation of young Africans. He serves as the Creative Director at Dotbob Creative Services and Team Head at IMAGINIT Media Resources, initiators of #iStepUpAfrica, #DecemberCookOut #TeenNation #N100Challenge and other social projects which won him an award as one of Africa’s Emerging Leaders. He currently is the Programs Manager for reading House Africa, a member of Nigeria Economic Summit Group Youth Initiative & Commonwealth Youth Council Nigeria Team.

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  1. Amazing submission. Truth be told our backgrounds shouldn't determine our destination our growth.