Saturday, 16 July 2016

#NewTrend : Benefits of #ServiceSwap to HOW. (Humans of Warri)

There’s a new trend tearing through Nigeria’s New media space. This trend was a successful experiment that has proved you don’t always need money for every transaction.

Service swap is the new name for trade by barter. It’s an online swapping and bartering of goods and services. You'd be surprised what you can get for something you are willing to offer.

Bartering for goods and services is a centuries-old art. Recently, the idea of trading with your neighbors, community and within your city has received a big boost and taken a modern spin.

It may seem like the old barter system, but as it is being combined with the ability of the Internet, it is bringing buyers, sellers, services provider and traders together.

This online bartering system has triggered a rise of sufficient new internet websites and communities globally, and it is gradually filtering into Nigeria’s internet space.
While researching for this article, i discovered this trend is already working in Nigeria as people are tweeting and posting about it and also enjoying the benefits, even in our city.
Let’s make serviceswap trend  in our #NewWarri.

If you have any security concern, think about OXL, Jumia, Konga etc, if they are working in Warri, then your concern has already been settled.

Do we need Service Swap in Warri?
Yes we do, and here is why.

1.   For cheap goods and services.

2.   Encouragement of creative collaboration.

3.   Creates an easy, convenient and affordable method of buying and selling.

4.   Covers many niche and large-scale of services and goods especially, that maybe stressful to identify and buy in the market.  With simple tweet or post, you can find the right seller or buyer without much stress.

5.   Serviceswap will help to identify and buy quick vintage goods or services.

Join this trend by tweeting or posting what you are willing to offer for what you need with the hashtag #Serviceswap #Warri

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