Sunday, 31 July 2016

#MondayPills : Who Send You?

It’s another promising week, one filled with possibilities…and how did I know that? Simply because you survived last week’s challenges, you’re stretched and strengthen to give this week all you’ve got to deliver better results than last week. I gotcha there, right? Hehehehe…call me know know, don’t worry, we will talk about that next.

Have you ever tried fixing something in public and everyone had this stare at you and when you ask for help you hear them ask “who send you?” It can be depressing, I’ve been there many times but rather than depressed I feel pain for those with that question in mind because they may end up in all night meetings, praying for a solution they ignored. A man/woman with a functional future is inspired to take steps daily that will deliver that future. It looks absurd to correct societal ills these days as what we detest most have become our norm. So shocking how wrong the right is and how right the wrong has become. When we unconsciously do the things we naturally complain about, we have devalued the strength and worth of our future.

I remember travelling in a coaster bus from Port Harcourt to Warri and as usual, people take advantage of the road to buy some materials for stomach infrastructure purpose. After destroying with their mouth the sweet wonder of creation, they open the window and threw it out with no sense of guilt. The guy sitting by me was about to do same when I caught his hand and yelled “stop this, you’re messing up my country”. Surprised huh? Yea…everyone paused with that ‘is he ok’ look. My neighbour smiled and asked “na your papa get the road, who send you…” I replied, “Yes, this is my father’s land”. As usual, I evangelized the ideals of a clean and better Nigeria if we all take responsibility.  Was it not simpler to have kept it inside the bus and have the bus cleaned at the park than throw it on the road because nobody cares? When did throwing it out in the open become a better way to dispose waste? Common sense has become an expensive commodity.

Before you do anything, ask yourself ‘if my future visits my present, will he be excited with my actions or disappointed at my sense of irresponsibility?’ We forget to realize that the only existing and bright future that awaits us is the one we create. No one will create or is responsible to create the future you desire, not even our government. Look at developing nations and cities, yes, it took all you may give credit to but most importantly were a willing people who moved with the dictates of a compelling future. A lackadaisical attitude to responsibility is a reflection of a failing future. No matter what excuse we give, it’s good enough to remain an excuse. Let the great dream you have instruct your present actions. Every little step adds up to build a great reality. Don’t just dream; wake up, don’t just pray; get to work!

A friend returned to the country with his sons for the first time after many years. On their way from the airport, the boys were awe-struck with the realities of Nigeria. One thing that caught their attention was a car in front in the traffic whose passengers flipped banana pill out the window. These boys were amazed and said “this is soooo cool”, they took the banana in the car, pilled it and were flipping the pills out of the window to see who will flip more. Funny but sad, right? Whatever we do is contagious. People are waiting for someone to take the lead, if only you stand for what is right you’d be amazed how many will follow. People are not outstanding because of the fear of being left out or labelled. Truth is, people are in search of a real hero, be that hero.

A friend in Warri narrated how he got pissed when a keke rider threw a can on the road after drinking. He picked up and threw it back in, the man flung it out. He picked up and threw it back in, when the rider was about throwing it out the third time, everyone attacked him. He silently kept it in and rode off.  The beauty of your future has so much authority and strength that it commands rightly those who do wrong if only you dare to do right. So let go of the fear, it is better you are known for the right than be a pack of those crowd that has been written off. Create the environment that you want to see in Warri by taking responsibility. See it as your responsibility when things go wrong to make it right. God allows you identify problems because He gave you the capacity to solve them. So when next anyone asks “who send you”, simply reply “my presidential future”

My challenge to you this week, look in your environment and see what change you can influence. Speak with your neighbors and start a change movement by taking the first step to do what is right.

ChunuTejiri Jerry fondly called UnusualTeajay is an Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur with over 15years focus on Teenage Development.  He has a global passion that seeks the mental awakening and value re-orientation of young Africans. He serves as the Creative Director at Dotbob Creative Services and Team Head at IMAGINIT Media Resources, initiators of #iStepUpAfrica, #DecemberCookOut #TeenNation #N100Challenge and other social projects which won him an award as one of Africa’s Emerging Leaders. He currently is the Programs Manager for reading House Africa, a member of Nigeria Economic Summit Group Youth Initiative & Commonwealth Youth Council Nigeria Team.

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