Monday, 25 July 2016

#MondayPills : Warri, the Happy City.

Warri ranks among the popular cities in Nigeria, it was once called the oil city, this good name was devoured by continual communal clashes that were in conspiratorial synergy with notoriety and hostility with little or nothing done by government or citizens to arrest these scourge.

Present reality is not just a huge unmet expectations of what the city should be, but a subterfuge of the city.
Research has revealed that over 50% of people who lives in the city, visiting the city for the first time, or have not been to the city etc, describes the city in not so beautiful adjectives.

Hostility is the word that best describe the city aside it’s failure in infrastructures, and when you who is from the city exhibit a different character, they will say, you don't behave like them. A good percentage of the city people are hostile.

Compliments are not given without an hidden agenda, nor received without watching your back. People are scared, making friends is difficult, being nice or cheerful is foreign to the city. It’s important we’re realistic about our-self as individuals and acknowledge these dangers that maybe standing on the path to the city of our dreams.

The notion of rights without responsibility defeats the very purpose of the change we hope to achieve. You can’t have expectations of the city and not imagine we owe her or you and me living in the city some responsibilities too, we have the responsibility be the change and lead the change, and a step in the right direction is you and me being cheerful.

Mark Twain once wrote, cheering someone else up is the best way to cheer yourself up. Health and cheerfulness naturally begets themselves Cheerfulness is a limitless resources that every individual can draw from without fear of running out. Being cheerful means you are nice to the person seating close to you, in actions and conversations, you are not hostile to your neighbors or strangers, give a compliment where necessary.

You see Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body Joseph Addison said, and i completely agree with him, cheerfulness is a two way stream, it benefits the giver and the receiver.

Let us start being cheerful to ourselves, it will encourage friendship and a sense of true community.
Cheerfulness is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others, be a carrier and a distributor in Warri. Cheerfulness can make all the difference in our journey to reshaping the city, it can be one of the very foundation where the #NewWarri will be laid.

Someone may ask, how can i be cheerful? It starts with a simple smile, a warm handshake, a simple compliment, a hug if situation permits or simple words of courtesy like Thank you, Please, Sir, Ma, Sorry. Start with your household and extend it to your neighbors, office, street and the city.

As you begin this week, be cheerful, it can also be a simple thank you for this on the comment box. Don’t worry I've said you are welcome, keep a date, next Monday and follow our tweets @newwarri and like and invite friends to like our facebook page.

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