Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Pills : You See It, You Own It.

Hello everyone, Welcome to Monday Pills, it’s a novel segment on New Warri.

Monday Pills are exclusively for everyone who manages not only love Warri, but is eager to do something to ensure the city change.

In this section we will share on every Monday, Pills that, if successfully employed, will leave a permanent impression in the city, no matter how little or insignificant you imagine.

For this week, you should own it, when you see it.
This term is a more familiar term with safety professionals, You see it, You own it. This term means that when you are the first to see anything wrong, you have the obligation to get it fixed.

You initiate effort to see that, it is resolved or the process to make it better is underway. Take for instance you see a banana peel or sharp object on the floor or walk way, Own the responsibility to fix it, this means you are to pick the peel from slipping or piercing someone. This may appear a little clumsy at first, but we all can start from simple places like our homes, our offices.
It may look unimportant, but you have caused a difference in the life of that single individual who would have fallen victim to that unsafe condition.

There are many unsafe conditions around the city, and it’s our duty as concerned citizens who desires a New Warri to do something about it.

Here are few of the obvious things we can do something about, you can add to the list.

1.   Facilitate a Child, Children, the elderly or disable to cross the road.

2.   Be the first to wait for the traffic light.

3.   Stand up for the elderly when you find out, where ever, they are standing and you re seating.

4.   Talk to anyone you see throwing things from the vehicle of a travelling automobile.

5.   Stop anyone defacing a public building or fences.

6.   Pick sharp object from the floor.

7.   Clean off oil spills from slippery roads.

8.   Pick up banana peels from the floor.

Like I stated before, you can append to the list by sharing your opinions or idea by adding your remarks or comments.

Join me take this pill, see you next week. 

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