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#HealthyThursday : 8 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away During This Rainy Season.

Warri is a rainforest region that enjoys sufficient amount of rainfall.
Rainfall comes with numerous benefits, it waters our world, grow our crops and cools the atmosphere. It will be an anomaly for rain not fall in Warri during the raining season but we curse and puff when it rains because it comes with it certain challenges.

One of the challenges the rainy season bring is that it invites many pesky insects which are harmful not just only to adults, but also our kids. Insect bites causes swelling, irritation or lead to sickness and brings great botheration to the parents or guardian.
I don’t need to be a prophet to tell that the question parents are asking is how to keep their children away from these insect especially mosquito bites?

If there’s one thing we are sure that rain brings in this region, is mosquitoes, due to the fact that there are many stagnant water coupled with the terrible drainage system.
It’s an uphill task to avoid mosquito bites, however we can repress or belittle mosquito bites to a minimal degree by taking the following measures.

A Clean environment can guarantee a degree of good health. To combat mosquito and other insect bite we must first set a high standard for hygiene. In and outside the house, Insect especially flies and mosquitoes are attracted to dirt, dampness and filth around, so you need to maintain neatness everywhere.  “Prevention anytime, anywhere, any day is better than cure.”

It’s our responsibility as parents or guardian that our child stays protected from mosquitoes and insects, because they have the potentials to spread diseases e.g. Malaria.
Apart from clean environment, there are strong mosquitoes repellent and has no harmful effects that can be used to prevent mosquito bites.

Below are some very helpful ways we can use to prevent Mosquito bites during this rainfall.

1.  Check and Monitor your surroundings
Any dirt or filth in your area will always invite insects or mosquitoes to your house. It’s expedient we take full advantage of every Saturdays or sanitation days to ensure a cleaner environment by having grasses cut down, refuse bin properly covered and disposed, fix any broken pipe to avoid water leakages that can lead to dampness that invites bacterial, insect and have our drainage cleaned and possibly covered.

2.  Ensure you bath or supervise the bathing of your child.
As adults we can better handle ourselves, but not our wards, this wet season can be very funny for them, it may cause some allergies and fungal infections. It is advised that you and your children properly bath with soap and moisturized a minimum of once every day.
Take extra time to wash places like genitalia, armpit, ears, neck etc. If you can, add disinfectant to the water while bathing them.

3. Mosquito Repellents
It’s a fine time to use insect repellent, even as they go to school and in the evening before going to bed.

4. Lemon and Garlic
Lemon and Garlic can also aid in the fight against mosquitoes during this raining season, because their smell acts as repellent to insect. These items themselves are effective mosquito repellents.

5. Clothes
Our children are easy target for insect or mosquito attacks during the rainy season, it is necessary we cover not only our bodies but that of our children with light colored clothes, because research has discovered that dark colored clothes attract mosquitoes.

6. Fans
Ensure that the fans around where ever you and your children are working, because fans help to keep mosquitoes at bay.

7. Cover your Food.
Proper care and attention should be given to our foods. It is expedient that they are properly covered at all times, because if they are not succeeding in attacking their primary target, food items can be their secondary.
All food items should be properly covered and fruits properly washed before eating. Uncovered food may get infected due to flies and mosquitoes sitting all over it.

8. Close all doors and windows in the evening hours.
Usually these insects come out in the evening hours and their entry needs to be banned by taking the necessary measures.
Use mosquito mesh if possible on all the windows and keep the doors closed. It is important to check the entry of these insects into our houses.
These are some of the measures we can apply to win the battle against insect during this rainy season.
Insects are one of the major dispersal of disease and they do so, during the rainy season.

In conclusion if we maintain a good hygienic standards, we can ensure our family is safe, only then can you enjoy the rainy season. If you have not read Do’s and Don’ts of the rainy season, please do so here

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