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9 Things #HOW (Humans of Warri) May Not Know About WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the company that cost Facebook $19 billion US dollars to acquire in 2014, has become the undisputed messaging platform in the world. Facebook, whose goal is world domination, has deliberately positioned herself with the acquisition of several strategic new media companies like instagram to that place.

We can all agree that facebook has not in anyway rested on her laurels and she is consistently reviewing and updating all her platforms, and whatsapp has not been left behind.

The world is anticipating WhatsApp video, but right now, you can send documents via WhatsApp. WhatsApp has systematically changed the way we send and receive messages. Records shows that more WhatsApp messages are sent out and received daily, than the regular short message service (SMS).

We can all agree that you (probably) use it every day, but we cannot deny that there are loads of things that you may not know about its operations or what you can do inside the app. Here are 9 of the things you may likely don't know about WhatsApp:

1. Compress Images and Videos.
If quality is not your concern, all you have to do is send the pictures and video files to a contact (or yourself) via whatsapp and go to the WhatsApp Media folder to find the compressed versions and delete the older.

2. Know The Exact Time Your Messages Was Read.
We know that when the two good or Nike sign turns blue, the message has been read, but often times we don’t know exactly when. WhatsApp now has a timeline breakdown on when your messages was delivered and read. Hold on any particular message and select 'Info'. i.e. the sign with an I that is encircled.

3. Different Notifications For Any Contact Or Group.
You can customize the kind of notification either vibration, tone or both for any contact or group. Every message received via WhatsApp probably has the same notification, and group messages can be very distracting especially if it’s not relevant. When notification comes, the sure way to know if it's something important is to check your phone. You can set up custom message sounds, vibrating patterns and pop-ups for your WhatsApp contacts and groups. This means that you can have different notifications for your groups, your friends, and your family. To set custom notification, tap the name at the top the chat group or individual and select use custom notification.

4. Text formatting - bold, italics and strike-through.
You can bold, strike through and write in Italics WhatsApp. This can be done by adding asterisks (*) for bold, underscores (_) for italics, and tildes (~) for strike through, at the beginning and end of messages, or enclosing the message with the sign as you type it. You can combine all three formats while chatting.

5. Mark Important Messages.
To mark important messages on a group or individual e.g. Address, account numbers, directions or instruction etc, so that you don’t go through the stress of scrolling up and down. You need to mark the message. So how do you do that, tap on any message you want to re-use much later and tap on the star icon to mark it, to find it again, all you have to do is tap on menu and select starred messages and see all the messages you’ve marked up and choose the one you need.

6. Reply on specific messages on both group and individual chats.
To reply messages that are in a thread, all you have to do is press down on the message until you see the option bar appears above, tap reply and your new response will be embedded below the message.

7. WhatsApp doesn't store user data.
WhatsApp don’t store your messages because it didn’t provide server storage for your messages, unlike Facebook Messenger or Skype, this is the major reason WhatsApp Web will always need your phone connected before it can be used. Once a message gets delivered to your device, there's nothing left back on the servers. You can of course backup and restore your messages via Google Drive or iCloud.

8. Difficult to hack Whatsapp messages
All messages sent and received through WhatsApp are now encrypted end-to-end which means hackers or oppressive regimes cannot breach your privacy. Most often when you are sending message to a person for the first time you see a message that says theses message has been encrypted.

9. Both Founders were rejected by Two Giant New Media Companies.
You may have probably heard this, because when WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, the story of Jan and Acton became motivational speech or sermon in gatherings.

Both Jan Koum and Brian Acton - who earlier worked together at Yahoo - were rejected by Facebook and Twitter in job interviews, before they went full-time with WhatsApp. Imagine how different the world would be if even one of those interviews had gone better.

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