Tuesday, 14 June 2016

We've Seen It All Before, By Anita Okonweze

We've seen it all before
How vows are broken
Hearts bursts open
and clothes are thrown through open windows

How she pounds and sweats
He come in with all smells
and she cries to sleep with swollen lips

How she paints away her broken skin
Puts on a smile without a seam 
and dance tirelessly with dodging schemes

How with deep breath she keeps it in,
Because mother said life's like this
and when she screams and shouts he hits again and she falls to the ground without a break.

How she prays to Jesus for a chance to be free,
He opens the door and begins to scream....
with a startled heart she tries to run,then slips and hits on the bathroom floor

Yet we all sit, and keep our mouth zipped
Following a norm that destroys a woman's timeline 
Accepting this wrongdoing as a norm through lifetimes 
Always forgetting that women gave us our lifelines

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