Friday, 3 June 2016


Urbanization comes with it’s challenges and traffic jam is one of it. One thing I admire in Hollywood movies is their beautiful and interconnected road networks that they enjoy showing off in their movies especially in Night scene.

It’s no secret that our government lacks the capacity to embark on breathtaking and societal benevolent road projects or infrastructures, not for lack of financial or human resources but from lack of compassionate and moral capacity. We cannot keep waiting on the government, when we can do something on our own however little we think it is, remember that little drops of water can make a mighty ocean, imagine when they are little collective drops.

There are certain times of the day when there's always going to be traffic. While this can’t be avoided there are ways we can help minimize the magnitude of congestion on the road. Even if other drivers are causing or contributing to the problem, your choices can make things better.

1. No African Man time.
It’s an appalling observation that Africans has been tagged late comers to events and this has actually reflected on our society, we have become late comers even to our societal and mental developments. Puntuality is a virtue and there’s nothing prestiguos coming late to any event, it’s a testimony of bad manners especially if you’ve been notified earlier.

The funny truth is that we will always have genuine excuse for coming late, but no excuse is ever good enough if we are to achieve a New Warri. We have to plan and get moving for any event or place early enough so we are not tempted to hurry and be jumping traffic lanes to meet up with time.

One of the easiest ways to curb African man time is to buy a wristwatch. Study has shown that people that wears a timepiece are often times more punctual to events more than people who do not. One way or the other we often look at our wristwatches even when we are not expecting anybody or thing, that’s an unconscious habit and that simple habit can help us fight late coming in our personal life and to events and by so doing, we can remove a segment of traffic caused by avoidable rush.

2. Take a different Route at Peak Hours.
There are specific time of the day that the traffic is always heavy, we cannot do much but about it. We can argue that commercial transporters are the major cause of holdup in our city, but we cannot deny the reality that private road users are also part of the problem.

Taking different routes to our destination can help reduce traffic congestion. We can agree that there are not much routes in the city but there are a few routes we can take to reduce traffic e.g. Hausa quarter routes, Taking Deco road and cutting through Estate or Mcdermot and coming out at cemetary road can save you the stress of going through Hausa Quarter. There are also alternatives to Enerhen Junction, Jakpa Junction and Orhuworun junction, you can decide to drive through PTI and come out at the Express to cut off the consistent hold up there. Use your knowledge of the everyday situation to save yourself from the traffic stress.

3. Take Public Transport and Try Active Transportation.
The best way to avoid contributing to traffic congestion is to take public transport. Now i understand that many of us will not subscribe to this because of ego or “Big Man cloak”, but the truth is when travelling around town, jump on a bus instead of in your car. Public transport can be cheaper, more relaxing and not often time faster, but it does has it’s advantages.

Active transportation means walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, etc. This is another great way of reducing congestion. This is an easy way to improve your health, and reduce cost of buying fuel. Active transportation takes cars off roads and it is a cost effective way of transportation across short distances.

4. Drive courteously.
There are times where a cautious driver loses his patience and drives rough or block off another erring driver. There’s no point blocking off another driver, So many drivers seem to feel that allowing another to change into their lane from an adjacent one is somehow a loss. You're all travelling to some destination; the driver next to you is not going to win a prize if he finishes ahead of you. It's not a race; just let him have the lane and avoid unnecessary breaks and stopping, this causes traffic jams.

I hope these few tips helps, we'll continue next week.

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