Wednesday, 1 June 2016


There are certain things here in Warri that is held sacred as basic achievements and when you fall short of these things, life can be a bit precarious. Lack of children for couples, Getting a Job or Financial Stability and getting married etc are the ultimate benchmark for a successful man or woman and this can leave you in a terrible place, especially if you are the one called Bros or Sist.

Everyone wants the good things of life and when you find yourself left behind either by friends or family who has achieved this status, there can be some funny feelings, maybe a bit of jealousy, petty envy, depression, withdrawal, hostility or aggressiveness.

You may not be wishing these people bad but sometimes, our emotions can be the one running things and it can get in the way of your happiness. This is not a good place for anyone because you can be easily misinterpreted and called funny names and You don't want that. However make a deliberate effort to be genuinely happy when you are with your peers or younger ones who has left you behind.

You see, some of these people can be very insensitive and ignorantly loquacious and if you are not careful there can be unnecessary reading of meanings to words or actions by you or them. You will do yourself a great good by not getting involved in snide comments or petty gossips. You were once together and you may have known their character, be the smart one.

If you have been here before or having similar experience please join the conversations by leaving a comment. You'll be helping someone.

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