Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Warri Do's and Don't for the Rain.

Warri is a rainforest region that enjoys sufficient amount of rainfall.
Rainfall comes with numerous benefits, it waters our world, grow our crops and cools the atmosphere. It will be anomaly for rain not fall in Warri during the raining season but we curse and puff, because some of it comes with certain challenges.
Despite the odd side to rainfall, here are ways to enjoy the Rainy season in Warri.
  1.  Organize for yourself a personal Rain Kit. A standard rain kit consists of Umbrella, Raincoat, Rain-boots, Shower cap, small towel and bathroom sleepers.
  2. Fix your events outside the April to September bracket, but if you must do it within this months, ensure it’s within the wall of an event center.
  3.  Do not rush into any Keke, Bus, cab, or car lift. Your life and safety is more important than getting wet, you are not Lot’s wife.
  4.  Do not enter any Keke without side cover, it’s better you walk under rain.
  5. Get your phone a plastic protector casing or carry poly-bag.
  6.  If you are home and it’s raining, why not relax and enjoy the rain, by letting the sound it makes, from wind and on your roof soothe your mind.
  7. Get a weather app in your phone.
  8. Buy a sweat shirt, jacket and blanket for the cold.
  9. If you are not married, and not ready for a baby or become a murderer, avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks especially gin may help against the cold, but they can leave vulnerable to sexual desires. If you are cold please drink hot cup of tea.
  10. Do not hide lonely corners or places where you can be robbed or attacked, and when you are in a crowded place, hiding from the rain, monitor your personal properties so you don’t get pocket picked.
  11. Do not stand close to electric pole during rainfall, avoid lightening.
  12. Do not dispose your refuse indiscriminately, don’t throw them into trenches.
  13. Ensure drainage in your neighborhood is working properly.
  14. Clear off any stagnant water around your environment to avoid breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  15. If you can, fumigate your premises, and also bring down grasses in your environment.
  16. Lastly, live a little, come out and play under the rain.
Hope this helps guides you during the raining season in Warri.

Thank you for reading. 

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