Sunday, 29 May 2016


Have you ever questioned why the price of tomatoes went up or questioned the official statement from the government? Did you ask yourself why it came in this period of herdsmen palaver? If you have, then you are not alone.

If you’ve asked any of the above questions or more, I suspect you've started developing your own conspiracy theory because these questions have not been answered and when a theory is developed and believed, it will certainly lead to more theories.

Two conspiracy theory has already developed behind the scarcity or the high price of tomatoes.
The first theory is the ongoing Fulani herdsmen and farmers crisis rocking the nation. It's already believed that the present tomato challenge is a direct backlash from the herdsmen crisis. These theorist has created an illusionary war between the north and south of Nigeria. That if the south is going to deprive their brothers of grazing on their farmland, then the north will deny them of their products, e.g. Tomatoes, Onions etc. This theory has gained more traction because of the snail-speed approach from the presidency in handling this crisis and secondly because we enjoy and flourish in rumor, sadly, the volatile nature of the polity has not helped the situation.

The second theory is Tuta absoluta. Tuta absoluta is a tomato pest that the government said is responsible for the hike in the price of tomatoes. This theory is the one being spread by the government through it’s ministry of science and technology after some international media broke the news.

I do not seek to justify the validity of any of the theories but to bring you glad tidings, tomatoes scarcity opened us up to a suitable alternative and that is palm nuts popular known as banga.

The people of Warri, may not be hard done by the price hike, because they enjoy their banga soup and banga rice.

All that tomatoes does, banga can do better, from stew rice, to soup, banga can and even do more like produce palm oil which is a very vital cooking ingredient.

Please, when you go to any booka, instead of eating expensive stew rice because of lack of tomatoes ask for banga soup or banga rice, and if it’s soup, starch it up.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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