Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Aggressive Attractor.

Success is an aggressive attractor.

Movies like Avengers, Star Wars, Batman Vs Superman, despite their huge budget where both box office and financial success because they were comedy. Everybody likes a happy ending, even if the processes were unconventional, but it delivers the goods.

Jose Mourhino one of the most abused football managers in history. He has been called many unprintable names, a man that doesn’t have too many friends in his professional world, but whenever he makes the news, you can’t but always mention what he has achieved.
Jose Mourhino, has always demanded more from is players, he’s that kind of man that knows that, You work hard to get good and then work harder, to get better.

The rivalry between Chelsea and Manchester Football club hit new height with the arrival of Jose Mourhino to Chelsea and when he won the EPL title back to back; his football method and character came under heavy attacked especially from the English press. The Man has achieved outstanding success, from Portugal, to England, Italy and Spain and back to England.

The news media was agog with him crying that he was looked over for the job to manage the most iconic managerial seat in English football, but as fate will have it, the wheel of destiny has turned to him. Jose Mourhino imminent arrival at Manchester United Football Club will cement his legendary status as a football manager who has managed the biggest clubs in football history, and if things went sour with Carlo and himself at Manchester, I bet Bayern Munich will call on him.
Many of Manchester united fans may not have seen this day coming, but we are here, Jose Mourhino the Special one, The Happy One is Manchester United Manager.

It’s a sad observation that, I write about a man million of miles away, when the city don’t know the manager of our darling “Warri Wolves”, but that’s a story for another day, Keep a date. 

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