Friday, 15 May 2020

THE STATE OF EDUCATION IN WARRI by Avwerosuoghene Odjomah

The entire Nigeria education system is faulty as a result, education in Warri is not an exclusion as this is our major focus in this text. The state of education in Warri is terrible and disheartening.
Just as communication is the life wire of an organization so is education the sure path to the development of any city.
These are my reasons why the state of education is poor in the oil-rich city of Warri:
Examination malpractice has spread into our basic level of education. Teachers are now the center of malpractice, helping students to cheat during an examination. During an examination, teachers write out answers for the students to copy. This is so absurd and unthinkable, why were they employed in the first place? Is it that they don’t trust what they’ve taught or what?
Parents too have succeeded in helping their kids to cheat. Why send your child to school, when in the end, you’re going to do the dirty work? At the secondary level, most especially private schools now have miracle centers.
Exam malpractice which is one of the major causes of the poor standard of education has not been tackled properly by the government. The Top echelons that are supposed to regulate the system have failed in their duties and resort to compromise.
The very foundation of Education needs to be redefined. Government, Teachers, and Parents have collaborative responsibilities to perform. Students should be able to pass through one class before been promoted to the next.

Over 70% of public schools lack good classrooms with ill-equipped laboratories. Magic cannot be performed without the necessary and appropriate teaching tools. The primary and secondary level of education in Warri lacks the facilities for teaching e.g. Desk, Seat, materials, etc.
The welfare of teachers has to be taken into full consideration. When the government treats teachers with a cavalier attitude then knowledge won’t be passed on, teaching becomes ineffective. When the government shows less concern about teachers, they begin to show divided loyalty.
Also due to this carefree attitude of management and government, there becomes a shortage of teachers in different subjects. This situation would be so terrible that one teacher could take four (4) teachers' jobs with the pay of one (1) teacher’s salary.

Parents too won’t be left out in this, inclusive of both illiterate and literate. The former wouldn’t know how to go about assisting their children academics. If a child runs to them for assistance in their assignments, they wouldn’t know how to go about it. Some even go as far as sending the child back to the teacher with the assignment untouched.
The latter who are expected to know better don’t make out time for their children especially the working class. Parents now encourage their children to drop out of school in JSS 2 and SSS 2 and prefer to stay home and attend evening lessons to prepare for their BECE and SSCE respectively. In reality, this is just a facade to avoid payment of school fees in JSS 3 and SSS 3 respectively which is relatively expensive in terms of finance and opportunity cost when compared to the evening lessons.
It’s no news most secondary and primary school students now own a smartphone. These students pay more attention to their smartphones rather than their studies. Some of these students bring the phones with or without their parent consent to the classroom and use it to cause all manner of distractions even when there is a teacher in the classroom. Some students now depend on it to cheat during an examination.
The school environment is a vital factor to be considered in the choice of site for school, having in mind its influence on academic performance. The classroom environment is a teaching resource that should not be ignored. Students and teachers spend the majority of their day in school classrooms and it’s the responsibility of government and management to foster an environment conducive for learning.
Stricherz in Higgins et al (2005) stated that the school environment is an important factor that contributes greatly to the learning and assimilating level of the pupils.
According to UKEJE (1970), the health of the pupils is determined by how healthy the school environment is. Adequate space in the compound, toilet facilities, and other appropriate facilities assumed a healthy living in the environment. A dirty compound littered with rubbish by teachers and pupils, bad toilet hazard to the users
Apart from this, Akpan (1992) talked about the disciplinary aspect of the pupils in the school. He said that the discipline of pupils in school significantly depends on the interpersonal relationship exhibited by the headmistress. When interest is shown on the pupils, they are motivated to be effective, punctual to school, partake in curricular activities, and behave well. An environment that lacks discipline tends to breed irresponsible pupils and a high level of performance.
The school library is a central hub supporting every student and staff member. Most schools especially primary and secondary has no library and students are not oriented about the usefulness of the library to their academic pursuit which has led to poor reading habits. As consequence students in tertiary institutions make little of no use of the library.

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8 Responses to "THE STATE OF EDUCATION IN WARRI by Avwerosuoghene Odjomah"

  1. Hmmm this is really disheartening,We plead on the government of Warri to come to the aid of these public schools by providing adequate learning facilities, building of toilets and Libraries.Also payment of teachers salaries.Cos truly workers are motivated by their pays and lastly the government should introduce E-learning hence students pay more attention to screen as a result of addiction on social media with that it will encourage learning (and when students study or pay more attention to reading d rate of malpractice will be minimal).
    Nice one momma

  2. Education is the right of the pupils...
    The Warri State government should intervene by playing it's part(providing conducive learning environment, adequate learning facilities, Teachers salaries should be paid on time ) because workers are motivated when paid. Building of Library n science laboratories to encourage learning process.

  3. Nice one.. Indeed the government needs to intervene in this.

  4. This is so terrible dis case are not just in Warri alone rather almost in every part of the country.... Even here in jigawa where I served we've spent time impacting knowledge into d wards but wen it comes to external exams d students just sit still waiting for manners from dia teachers which am also guilty of.... 90% of Nigerians cannot burst of writing dia waec without aids from our teachers....
    Smartphone is really doing more harm to our wards lately... I just pray tins get better

  5. Government has neglected education completely especially the primary and secondary. It is so bad that we are virtually left with only private school for our kids. There is now school in every nook and cranny in warri. Schools that lack standard.It is sad to know that most of these private schools in warri have more unqualified teachers than qualified ones Which has low the quality of education given to our kids

  6. The government needs to invest more and also pay attention to the Education Sector

  7. Nice piece dear, i jst wishd d govt r taking responsibility & puting in effort & providing all necessaries 4 every sector dere by making lives beta in general