Friday, 29 May 2020

How Well Do You Know Your Babies? By Abolade Odugbesan Olanipekun

Now that your kids are at home with you,
Have time for them.
I don’t mean just feeding and cleaning them up and leaving them alone to watch Cartoons.
Really have time for them.

Play with them
Get to know them.
You will be surprised at how much they know
And how little they also don’t know.
Bond with your kids
Your job as a parent isn’t just to bring them forth and leave the rest to God.
You should mold them, body and soul, character wise and their thought process.

Play chess with them.
Watch them think.
Don’t let them win easily, that way you are teaching them how to be strategic and analytical and that every action has consequences, either good, or bad.

Then help them on how to build their vocabulary by playing scrabble with them.
I promise, scrabble can be fun.
Monopoly is a beautiful way to teach them economics, they are not too young to know about money.

Then when you are bored with the educational games, you can move to the fun ones like the pay stations, ludo or even whot; Just imagine the excited look on their faces when they give you pick 2, pick 3, general market, hold on, suspension, last card, check up!
That’s family bonding! And we don’t have that anymore.
We just let these kids grow by themselves and have fun by themselves because we are too busy with making money and social media.

Read to these children. Take a good story book and read with a voice that undulates. You can also tell a folk tale filled with beautiful moral lessons. One of my fondest memories of my childhood is mummy telling us midnight stories about the tortoise and lions and wolves. About kings and about servants and queens and maidens. I always look forward to those nights when there will be no electricity supply, so we can all go outside for a fresh breeze and some midnight tales that would make us dream dreams.

Have time for these children now that you have them. They grow so fast, one minute they are tiny and all clingy and dependent and the next, they are big, and literally, on their own.

The worst thing that can ever happen to a parent is, not to know your child.
Don’t be a stranger, be their friend.
#happy children's day!

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