Sunday, 24 March 2019

#MyKekeDiaries : Longevity

To all my avid keke diary readers; I am sorry, I’ve not posted lately. It’s not for lack of content but time. Yes! Time. Now that you have accepted my apologises, don’t scroll pass. Please read and drop a comment. We are publishing #MyKekeDiaries soon.
You see...Time is both a valuable and invaluable resource. Time is life. We can get anything back, but not time. Any time lost is gone forever and this is one of the major resources that we keep squandering.

Mama: “Shuoo, so dis people for Nigeria nor fit disappoint me small. Dem nor fit allow me to accuse them wrongly sef. Anywhere I go, we jux dey waste time uppandan”

Mama was pained to see a young lad playing apene (draft) not that it was a bad recreational sport but the timing according to her was wrong. This was before 1100HRS.

I entered the Keke from Omenta junction going to Deco junction and Mama was energetically talking with the rider and another passenger. Mama in her yellow lace on a brown wrapper and jealously clutching her blue bible with her left hand across her chest.

Mama : “You see this dollbaby (mannequin)?” She said, pointing to the dressed mannequin outside one of the boutiques along the road, “Na so those small boys wey dey play apene be for  my eye”

Still in shock from the funeral service  I had been part of the officiating ministers in Aladja, I had no interest to get involved in the conversation.

“But Mama, why you talk like that?” The rider a pot-bellied and yellow igbo accent speaking man with a red bead was boisterously speaking with Mama.

Mama : “My pikin, I come back from Amereeca, because I nor dey do anything for dere pass sleep, wake up, waka inside the house, come out, sedan tire and go back, naim I tell my pikin say I wan come back...”

Rider : “Mama, d mama!”

Mama : “E dey vex me say yung men, nor wan work. Dem dey find free money or the one wey dem go see pick for road. For abroad, which money you wan pick? The moment you pickam, them go find you come your house”

Rider : “Mama na so amereeca be na, every where na computerize”

Mama : “Computerize wetin? na so my pikin tell them say I be 100 years and dem believe?  I sure say if i tell them my real age, dem for nor let me come”
Me : “Oh wooow, Mummy, so how many years you be na?”

Mama : “I be 106 this year, yes, 106”

Rider : “and you still strong like this? Wow!!

Me : “Mama, abeg I go take pishure with you”

Mama was excited. She ordered the rider to stop so i can take a proper picture.

Rider : “...but mama, God don keep you well, you dey talk well, waka by yourself. How you take doam?”

Mama : “You see my bible,” she said waving it, “I nor dey play witam,” She kept it on her thigh and stretched out both of her hands.
“You see my hands and heart clean pass anything, I nor dey keep bad belle, and I like to dey work, becos  if i nor work ,dey put tori from Jerusalem to Jericho or dey play apene, I for nor fit train my children go school”

Rider : “Mama, you don talk finish, I wan old like you Mama”

Mama : “Follow God , Love God and Keep your hand clean”

I hope you learned a thing from Mama, enjoy your weekend.


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