Friday, 15 March 2019

WarriReads Donate Books to Okere Prison.

"Let’s wait for Mr. Segun Manuel before going inside the Prison so we can take pictures outside the prison. You know we are not allowed to take our phones inside the prison walls neither are we allowed to take photographs of inmates."
 As we waited inside the car, I can’t remember if it was Barry Wonder or Mrs. Olubusayo Ogunyankin Disu that asked after one of Warrireads volunteer, Amorighoye Oritsejeminoyor before the banter that occurred when one of the prison officials tapped the windscreen. We rolled down the screen.

Officer: “How can we help you? You say na prison be dis. Una nor go fit come park here. (I stepped out to speak with him)

Me: Oh! Officer, sorry. We brought books for the Prison library and we are waiting for one of our colleagues. Nor vex, sir.” ("Mr. Collins, You will pass as a Public relations Officer oh", Barry teased as the officer walks away)

Fast forward to 10 minutes later, Mr. Segun Manuel arrived and the Chairperson Welfare sent Mr. Mike to attend to us outside.

We took pictures with some of the officers, dropped our phones and went inside.

Barry was not as distraught as he was the first day neither was I..My concern was to ensure our first timer (Mrs. Disu) didn’t feel like we did on our first trip.

Despite my best efforts, Mr. Mike still noticed that she was a little anxious.  It was not the first time for Segun Manuel. He has had some experiences with the Lion of Africa.
The Principal of the Prison school was asked to join us at the Welfare section.

Guess what?

The Principal is an inmate. (You have no excuse not to fulfill your purpose, I repeat No excuse)

We had planned to donate 50 books, we ended up donating 54 books.

After the donation, we went to the chapel and had a session with the inmates. (What a refreshing time of worship and sound message of hope, encouragement, and grace from Delta foremost speaker Mr. Segun Manuel, Barry Wonder, and Mrs. Olubusayo Disu)
Thanks to everyone that supported with cash and donated books. This, you have done, is a seed that I know will produce a thousand-fold as it was for Isaac in Genesis 26:12-13 and also a ransom (Proverbs 13:8)

Back to the principal of the Okere Prison School... In his vote of thanks, he said the vision of the school was God-given. God showed it to him that the school is going to be a “Citadel of Knowledge.”

This Man (inmate) is really amazing.

If you can teach any subject or you have academic books, past questions for Junior, Senior WAEC, History books, Current affairs, Mathematics, Geography, Biology, Social Studies etc, they will be greatly appreciated.

P.S And in case you are looking for me in the pictures, I was the TY Bello.  Find me in the selfie.

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