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Warri Reads

WarriReads is a local library that aims to bridge the literacy gaps for children, teenagers, and adults one book at a time.
This community resource center, will serve as a social platform for volunteer work, change agents, educators and social innovators to contribute to the knowledge bank of Warri, by offering relevant knowledge, time and skilled resources to children between the age of 3 – 19 years and support adults struggling to read.
Through our innovative model, we’ll provide a reading and learning community with essential reading materials designed to spark imaginative and creative potentials of children in Warri and surrounding communities. 

Our Vision
An Informed and Productive Warri.

Our Mission
This expression of Clean Warri Environmental Organization, (CAC/IT/NO121540). is on a mission to provide reading, learning resource materials and tutors to communities in Warri and encourage reading and development in all ages..
WarriReads is subsidiary of New Warri, a social reform agency in Warri, registered under Clean Warri Environmental Organization. It’s currently situated at 7 OHA House, sharing a room with AFE Studio in a sub-lessor arrangement with AFE studio.
The Library is managed by Collins Azuike, Lead partner of New Warri and Clean Warri environmental organization.

Our Services
We are pursuing our vision through the following innovative social services we render
1.     Physical Library Space where children can explore, borrow books and other resources.
2.     Little Community Libraries in communities.
3.     Book Hangout/Book-Club
4.     Mobile Library: (Books On The Go!)
5.     City Tutors.

Physical Library Space
We opened our physical library space on the 30th of November, 2018. It’s a mini local library with over 200 children books and a little over 60 adults books and novels.

It’s a fun and learning place to be. Children can either read, borrow books or explore our catalog of books. Our physical library space currently serves as our office.

Little Community Libraries In Communities.

The goal of our little community library is to provide books for children to read within their community, and also integrate and amplify reading culture among children and teenagers, thereby raising leaders.

Our Little Community Library is book house/Shelves with a minimum of 100 Children books, managed by a volunteer librarian from the local Community on a monthly stipend.

Children in these community who sign up to be part of the little community, will be allowed to borrow books every Saturday and have a book hangout one Saturday of the month. These children will be supervised by the local librarian from the community.

We collaborate with an already existing structure in the community, in this case church, to provide space for the children to hangout with books, book collection center and security for the books and children.
Book Hangout/Book-Club
We organize book hangouts in a cozy environment, where an adult read a book to the kids, the kids journal the book. It’s a fun and learning environment for the kids.

We also have running little community library, and we are scheduled to open another in Sedco road, off Udu road in August, followed by another Enerhen community in September.

Our goal is to initiate a minimum of 10 Little Community Library around the city before the end of 2019, to encourage reading among kids, especially out of school and in local underserved communities, and with resources teach those that cannot read, how to read.

Mobile Library: (Books On The Go!)
Our Mobile library initiative is us taking our books to launch a little community library for now.

The vision is, when we have a vehicle, we take our books to more outskirt communities until we get volunteers who can help us manage the little community libraries.

City Tutors.
Tutor provider is a paid service designed to generate income for the organisation. We connect home tutors who have gone through our vetting system with learners or parents looking to hire their services. Our vetting system includes both legal and security background check and academic capacity test.

Parents or Learners pays WarriReads and WarriReads pays tutors (We retain a commission charge of 15%-30% depending on how long the tutor has been working with us)

89% of our tutors also offer their talent to teach for free at Adult Learning Center in Nigeria Prison, Okere. We teach from Primary to secondary and also prepare those writing senior certificate examination.

What we are doing right now.

1. Planting little Community Library.
2. Teaching at Okere Prison.
3. Teachers Network

What we need right now.

1.     Volunteer teachers to teach inmates at Okere Prison.
2.     Volunteer teachers to teach children “How to Read”.
3.     Donations to support our volunteers’ teachers and buy teaching materials and thematic books for our little community libraries.
4.     Volunteer librarians to manage our little community libraries.

We are certain that with Warri Reads, these and many more will be our outcomes
  •   Awaken consciousness of people not reading to be reading,
  • Give direction on what to read,
  • Show those interested in reading how to read,
  • Encourage the ability to put into practice what has been read which of course will have a ripple effect in the city.
      You can reach us to donate books, or if you wish to plant a book center in your community, volunteer or support this initiative.

We can be reached through any of the following platforms.

Address : OHA House, 7 Okumagba Avenue, Adjacent to former Diamond Bank opposite UBA, before Total Filling Station off Airport Road.

Mobile : 08030448215

Social media : @warrireads
Email : warrireads@gmail.com

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