Friday, 5 October 2018

Meet The Young Nigerian Snail Farmer.

If you’re traveling to Sapele, Bayelsa or to Port Harcourt, one of the regular feature on the road, are nicely prepared snail or edible worm, sometimes love ones asked you to buy for them.
For us in Nigeria, snails are mainly for food, but here in our beautiful city, Warri is a snail farmer using technology to market and improve the quality of his produce, not just for food, but for it's slime and exportation.

We had a chat with Mr. Henry Akpor Etineh, a fast-rising farmer in the world of snail.

Let us meet you?
i.                   What’s your name: Henry Akpor Etineh

ii.                 Where are you from and where are you now: Am from Sapele LGA but currently reside in Warri both in Delta State.

iii.              Single or Married- Married

iv.              Where did you school: Delta State Polytechnic Oghara, Delta State.
How did your interest in farming begin?
It was basically my search for greener pastures, after school, the unemployment rate in the country made me decide that I was going to start something that I don’t need connection to sell and buy. That was where the interest in farming came from.

Why snail farming, what’s the name of your farm?
I choose snail farming because at that time I wanted to start, snail farming was just evolving. I’m someone who really likes unique things, I love doing things that are pretty difficult and not everyone will be able to put in the work. That way it’s easier to stand out.
I also did a few research, I found out that snail farming has a high-profit margin with reduced cost of production. I also discovered the demand that there is a big gap in the demand and supply of snail in the country.

The name of my farm is  ARAPEL AGRO FARMS LIMITED.

What are the services and services Arapel farms offer?
We current over services like Farm set up, Training of Farm Hands and products ranging from Juvenile to Adult Jumbo Snails.
How would you describe your farm?
My farm is a medium commercial snail farm I started June 2016 in Warri.

The farming community is a bit unpopular why?
I feel it because the amount of youth involve is really small compared to other aspects of the economy like entertainment. When more youths get involve i know farming will become the envy of everyone. You know youths brings about innovation.

How have you been able to distinguish yourself?
I face my fear, I don't run away from them. I love to do the hardest things, that way i learn what no one else has and be a step ahead.
Why entrepreneurship?
I love my freedom, I wanted to give back and lend a helping hand to my society in my little way. Entrepreneurship is something that helps you reach out to others and take some people off the streets.

Do you think snail farming is something you encourage young people to venture into?
Off course, I do. One important tip I give them is to learn the tricks from someone with a success story.

What're the biggest sales you have made?
Started with 250 breeder snails and got 6000 growers and sold out in one farming season.
What’s your biggest challenge as an individual?

What are the challenges Arapel farms is facing?
Getting Grants and Agricultural Loan for a major expansion.

Who inspires you in your line of business?
Exclusive Ireland Excagot Farm located in Dublin, Ireland.
Can we trust your product on quality?

What has been your career highlight?
Started with 250 breeder snails and got 6000 growers and sold out in one farming season.

What are you most afraid of?
Climatic changes

In your opinion, what’s the best way forward for young people in this city?
Can you describe yourself in three words?
Hard-working, Smart And Consistent.

If you had the power to ban one thing in the world, what would that be?

Whose the most famous person you’ve met?
Chinaeze Anyaene Film Producer [Stella Marise School,Abuja]

What does the future hold for you and Arapel farms?
I conquer each day as it comes, the future is definately bright and beautiful.

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