Friday, 17 August 2018

Making Money Patiently.

Financial dearth is the greatest plaque to President Buhari administration. Everywhere you go, there's always one complaint that permeates the air. "For this Buhari regime?" "You nor know say na Buhari time we dey?"
Companies are retrenching or shutting down, NGO's are packing up for lack of donor support, Families are not smiling, youths are asking God to pick up their call, sadly we may endure this for the next 4 year and 6 months.

We want money and we want it now, but many don't know HOW to do it, this is why Clock n Compass trading International is a needed solution in Warri and Nigeria at large. 

Clock n Compass Trading International is a financial intelligence fund managers, that trades in stock, commodities, and options, e.g. energy, gold etc. in an ordinary man tongue, Clock n Compass is a forex company that wants to help you make money patiently and legally.

In this Buhari time, where get rich quick scheme, Yahoo-Yahoo, fraudsters, and ritualism is the order of the day, Clock n Compass Trading International is changing the narrative with a patient and stable way of making money online through FOREX by selling signals to their subscribers.

You probably have heard about forex, stock brokers, and the stock market and while you may be skeptical about making money online, only a very few percentages of Nigerians benefit directly from forex trade.
Clock n Compass Trading International is offering a unique opportunity to patient Nigerians and the world at large an easy and progressive way to make money by:

1. Learn the Basic of Forex Trading, (Special Classes)
2. Learn how to use buy and sell with trade signal, (Paid monthly Subscription)
3. Be part of a community of patient money makers, (FOC)
4. Manage and control your forex portfolio yourself, not by us, (DIY)
5. Make 25 - 40% profit of your capital in 30days.

You can get started by Register with us on FXPro and pay a monthly subscription of 5,000 naira or more depending on your investment, to begin making a 25 - 40% profit of your capital in 30days.

For more information,
Please reach us on the following,
Mobile : 08039446475, 09057088470, 08107503653
Facebook : @clocktrading
Instagram : @clocktrading
Twitter : @clocktrading
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