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#mykekediaries : Exam Malpractice.

Dear diary, sorry I've not been able to write for a while. This is not from lack of content, but for TIME to piece the story together.
Growing up, if there's one thing I know we all had, was time, we had so much time to gallivant and play all manner play and games like "Papa and Mama",
"Game Box,"
"Hide and seek"
"War start,"
"Change your style"
"I like your thing"
"Awa grandmother like to olawaise" etc, but we also had time to "read to our books" We didn't know what was exam malpractice in Junior WAEC not to mention Primary school.

These days, you don't find children engaging themselves in any of the above games or play, you find them occupied with, if compared to our time as sophisticated activities, but it's in this same uptight generation that our education has drifted and experienced more exam malpractice.

Walking on my Street this evening, I saw two little girls coming from the famous Urhobo College, they've gone to write Primary 6 exams, they were little, then I asked myself,

"How did I look when I wrote my primary 6 exam?"

I got to my junction, entered a Keke, at the extreme, was an old Lady, she carried a bagco bag filled with plastic, then two young ladies, lapping, one wore medicated glasses and the other sat on her.

In less than three minutes, Mama spoke Urhobo.

Mama : " Etine mikeh-vwo" (I will stop here)

The rider, a Man who's well into his 60s stopped and she came down and a chubby lady entered.

She held a black polybag containing brown linoleum on her left hand and a black Samsung on her right hand, she was exuding joy.

She had this infectious excitement, she kept the polybag on her thigh and placed her hands on the bag.

Then her phone rang.

Like most android phones, you slide the green or red on-screen button to receive or reject a call, but she tapped the green on-screen button and placed it on her ear and said.

Lady : "Olorogun" (3X)
She brought it down, it was still ringing.

Me : "Madam, I think you should slide the button"

Lady : "Bros, thank you, na bcos anoda call dey come" then she tapped it and said "Mama, I am okay, I'll see you soon"

She dropped and the phone rang again, this time, she tapped and picked.

Lady :"Olorogun, I dey come, jux relax, I dey come"

Afterwards, she began her narration.

Lady :"My brother phone good ooO, this Man wey dey call me so, na my friend. Nor be him supposed to invigilate this primary 6 exam, the woman wey supposed to doam jux born so, dem come say make he doam. When he reach, e be like say he come get chance to helep the children naim he call me for phone, na so I dey tellam the answers and he dey show the children, naim makam dey call me make he find or buy me something"

All the respect and joy she had earlier oozed disappeared. I didn't know what to say.

Me :"Madam, for dis transmission commission time, naim you dey talk dis kind thing?"

Lady :"Bros, wetin be transmission commission?"

Me :"Driver, Please stop me"

Apparently, she didn't get the memo from I.G. of police

This is not to make mockery of IGP Idris reading challenge in Kano. The challenge could simply be he's dyslexic" or his "Village People" but with this erroneous trend where our youngest generation needs malpractice to write primary 6 exam, we all should be worried and ask ourselves hard and truthful questions.

"Are we not setting up ourselves for more transmission commission in the future with these crop of children we raising?

Think about it and do something about it.

The onus is on all of us, If you are a Father, Mother, Uncle or Aunty, Elder Brother or Sister, Watch what your children or siblings spends their time on.

Do what you can to see that you encourage a reading environment.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

PS : Picture was from my matriculation in Ambrose Alli University,Ekpoma, 15 years ago.

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