Thursday, 22 March 2018

My Amebo Partner.

Inside Keke, Going to meet @WarriUpdate for a quick meeting, then proceed to Hotel Peggy for a @CleanWarri presentation at @Rotary Club Warri.
Phone rings (not mine)
Fellow passenger, A Lady well into her forties.

She picks.

Passenger : "Honey, are you back?"
She keeps mute, obviously, to get feed back and continues.

"Thank God, ehen, I get plenty gist for you."

She giggles. and said "I know you na, my amebo partner" she laughed.

"My aproko plenty pass your own, I dey come, I know say you don miss me, amebo"

She went into 80 seconds of laughter.

"I'm coming home shortly" she said in a joyous Queen's English,

"Okay, #myamebopartner, I'll be with you shortly." She laughed again.

*Drops call*

Did I hear well? I repeated #MyAmeboPartner in my head.

Wife calling her husband, #amebopartner.

I need no one to tell me, the lady is happy and her marriage is one filled with laughter.

Thinking I was the only one reminiscing what i just heard, the Keke rider, a pot belly grey-headed man with red bead on his right wrist, broke my thoughts.

Rider : "Oh, Madam, you just make me dey miss my wife, na so we dey talk about everything. We be expert aproko"

Passenger : "Ose, close and go meet na my husband I dey go meet so, e bin go drop awi daughter for University."

Driver : "She's not in town, but when I drop una, i don get aproko to do, I'll tell her say nor be we be the only #amebopartner wey dey #Warri."

Me, jejely quiet for one side for the Keke.

The lady passenger turned to me and said in Queen's English,

Passenger : "Young man, hope your wife is your best friend?, hope you talk to her about everything?, make her your #amebopartner because efficient communication is the secret to a happy, sweet and lasting home."

Me : "...em"

Hides ring finger.

End of story.


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