Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Logos Don Burst.


Logos don burst.

I first heard these words in my recent visit to Port Harcourt.
I had earlier called my friend to direct me on how to get to Abulima. In his description, there was Keke.

Inside the #Keke, I asked the passenger on my left,
(I was boxed in the middle.) Why is Uber or Taxify not in Port Harcourt?
PH is a big city.

Before she could respond, the lad on my left, whose appearance was one of an agbero said...

Agbero: "Bros, Uber or Taxify go hard to work for yearh o, because of boys 'logos dey burse' anyhow"

In my head, Collins did you understand what he just said? I heard but didn't get it.
"Logos don burse" I replayed silently, thought about it, and said it aloud.

Me: "Logos Burse"

Agbero: "Yes na, Igbo too far right now, Tramadol, dey burse logos anyhow. See eh, yesterday Wike send anti-cultism and police to come scatter this place. (He said pointing to a scattered and still smoking market) a section on the left-hand side of the road, dem for fit reason the mata quietly, but base on logos wey don burse, men nor fit yan better thing, na so fight bursat.

Then the lady spoke, and the light bulb moment came.

Lady: "Tramadol, (She said and continue) every day in the hospital, there's one small boy or girl, who has overdose on Tramadol. I'm a nurse and every day is a sad story. Children of less than 15 or 16, taking Tramadol, codeine. Now that we are on strike (JOHESU), I pray some of them don't go mad or lose their lives."

Rider: Slaughter, who dey go slaughter? we don reach"
This is my stopped,
alighted took the next means of transportation, this time a rickety cab, got home.

I asked my friend, why Uber or Taxify can't work in PH and he carefully pointed out the security challenge in PH. Too much cultism, robbery, etc but in Warri we have a similar transport company called @pickmeup and they are doing a good job.

My first experience with @pickmeup was not just in a clean air-conditioning car, the price was almost as good as nothing, compared to the distance and the time of the service. Pick Me Up is a good thing in Warri that we should be proud of, I said.

Shortly afterward, my friend was discussing with a friend, in between conversation the words "Logos don burse" listening to their conversation, I began to laugh. logos don burst simply mean, head scatter or as we say in Warri "high" on alcohol or drugs.

Logos = head/brain,
Burse = scatter as a result of alcohol or drugs.

In 2009, I was among those in orientation camp Maiduguri when Boko haran first gained national attention and I was posted to teach in School in Dala, Most morning, I find empty bottles of cough syrup many times codein.

At first, I brushed it off and said to myself, it's a student that has a cough, but the frequency and empty bottles were not something to ignore and I inquired and was told it serves as an intoxicant.

Whether it's Maiduguri, Port Harcourt or Warri, it's our collective responsibility that we don't lose our future to drug addiction.

In my last visit to Warri library, I was proud to see young people reading, looking for books, but I was heartbroken to see an empty sachet of tramadol amongst books, I picked it up, showed it to the inquisitive young lad close to me, who was fascinated by the idea of a #newwarri and he began bombarding me with questions and asked him.

Me: "Do you know what is this?" Stretching it to him.

Lad: "No sir, I think it's novagein"
I smiled and walked away and thrashed it.

Not all things count, but investing some time and resources into campaigns against drug abuse especially for young people will truly count.

Thank you for reading, God bless.

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