Monday, 9 April 2018

Warri Library.

On the 13th of March, 2018 was my first day to visit Warri Library. It was a revealing moment for me. Even though, I have lived in Warri all my life, except for my university days in Ekpoma and NYSC in Maiduguri, but I have not visited the library.
My early memories of a library were at my secondary school days in Urhobo College Effurun, the last time I was there, the Library has been converted to a staff office, (I hope there's a resource center in the school)

The benefits of a library cannot be overemphasized. A city or a nation will not rise above the intellectual capacity of its residents. This is the same reason why there's serious brain drain from this part of the world because the West is deliberately attracting the very best from the underdeveloped world, by making the process easy for people with unique skill set or abilities to get visas, which of course is the reason why third world Nations remains underdeveloped.
I asked a Librarian at Warri Library what's the process of registration to visit the library, and she said, "right now, there's no requirement, all it takes is for those who want to read to come and read". She said this pointing to my phone, that "in this generation where you pretty much can get any information from this handheld device, placing requirements will reduce visitations, so there's no restriction."

The library is supposed to be a place to explore, interact, discuss or brainstorm in similar ideas or imagine, but that was not the case when I visited, aside from the library not fully stocked, the property was unkempt, overgrown grasses, no electricity, litters everywhere.

A functional library in Warri will provide a place where people looking for information can go to, It can also be a great place to find people of like minds and research on similar projects.

One of the highlights from my visit to Warri Library was, I realized that the library serves as a custodian of civilization, the people's heritage, there are certain books that have the heritage, history, traditions, and customs that you can't find online or regular bookstore, these books are treasures and It was pleasing to find people reading in Warri Library.
The library can be a place to fight boredom in all its forms. In this era where there are so much to learn, relearn and unlearn, the library serves as a place where all this can be achieved.

A functional Library in Warri can serve as an accelerator for addressing social and economic problems in the city of Warri. If we have a properly stocked library eith needed resources to tackle these problems.

We need another library in Warri, not just any library, a library that can serve as a platform for growth and development.

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