Tuesday, 10 April 2018

#MyKekeDiaries : The Food Seller.


This episode is dedicated to all umbrella and wheelbarrow food vendors in Warri and Nigeria.
"The Food Seller"

As a bachelor, bukkas are our best buddies, we know the local food that is sweet, even if not classy shops. There's this woman, who fortunately is from my tribe. She cooks very nice food and sells at my area.

My friend had come to the house that day and requested I get her pap, bread and bean cake (akara), but those kind food nor be my thing so, I branched the Madam and bought small food for myself, getting home, when she saw how nice the soup looks, she was forced to taste it, and it tasted nice, she abandoned her pap, for my bukka wack. Point is this woman cooks very well.

I was inside #Keke, coming from Garage and she (the food seller) joined us at Hausa quarter carrying food items to cook, then it began to rain, and her countenance dropped. I noticed she began murmuring to herself at Deco junction and I felt compared to ask, what's the matter.

Me : "Mummy, Ke meni? osa ife, dioma?" (Delta Ibo, Mummy what happened, hope all is well?)

Food seller : "My son, i borrowed the money to buy these food items, I don't have a shop, na umbrella i take dey sell and when it rains, people don't come to buy food. I don't have money to rent a shade and i always want my food to be fresh, as it is, I can't sell old food today, the food i cooked yesterday is still in the house, and you know how the rain fell yesterday, and no light."

I felt a pang in my chest, The last time i was there, I know the work and she and her daughter puts into the business, food business is hard work, take it from me who's mother has sold food before.

Me : "Mummy, I am so sorry, I wish you can have your own shop to sell your sweet food"

Foodseller : "Nwan, Ego adi?" (My child, there's no money, now)...and I don't want to do what the other food sellers are doing?"

This aroused my curiosity, "do what other food sellers are doing", i muttered, I didn't know she heard me.

Foodseller : "Nor look food business like that ooO, People dey do jax. One food seller for the road, came to me to take me somewhere, but i refused. dem full Warri, their shop dey rush, but their food, na sakpa"

Me : "Waaat?"

Foodseller : "Ibu, wantigoshi, (you be small pikin), nwam, ife madu neme, maka ego, orbu wanti ife. (What people are doing for money is beyond imagination)"

keke Rider : "Bros, be like say you na lastma ooO, You nor know say boys dey chop shit to hamma for yahoo na, or you neva hear stori of pipo wey dey sell food wey confess sey dem be kpias/wizo (witch) wey dey wash put inside their food?"

Me : "I have heard, plenty stori, but I just feel say, that na old things"

Keke Rider : "My brother, there's no old or new money, money is money, anywhere and anytime."

See you next week.

PS : Photo was taken during #cleanwarri #estatevisit on the 31st of March, 2018.
I hope you support this laudable initiative.

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