Saturday, 10 March 2018

More than comedy with Kelvin Sapp.

Amidst the hunger complains in 2017, there was a non-stop extravaganza from various superstars around the country. It's no surprise black panther reached the $1billion dollar mark, the entertainment industry is a rich diamond mine. According to new data, Arts contributed a staggering $763 billion dollar to the US Economy.

This is why we are super excited about Kelvin Sapp, Young Chief, and Warri Mega Fiesta, holding tasteful events in the city of Warri. Irrespective of the prospects the unique brand of comedy Kelvin Sapp and Young Chief posses, they have for now not left the city, but provided platforms for economic growth, fun, and networking through their comedy shows.

Next week Sunday, 18th of March, Kelvin Sapp's More than Comedy will be live at KFT place, off Airport road. This is a unique opportunity for hoteliers, food vendors, events management, upcoming artiste, transport and logistics etc companies, to network, connect, learn and improve.

The overall impact of Kelvin Sapp more than comedy event in Warri transcends beyond the hours of the events and this is why residents should support this event, not just to encourage Kelvin Sapp, but to help strengthen the other fabrics of the city's economy.

Grab, Get, Buy, Claim your tickets now from Genesis Cinema at Delta Mall and Temple Grill Bendel Estate off Airport Road or call 09051062920 to book or reserve a table because with an array of wave making A-list Nigerian artist e.g. Kenny Black Ushbebe I Go Save Josh to Funny Mr. Jollof, Young Chief the Laca Master, WokoWhite, Ada Gold, it's an epic in the making.

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