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Coolest Small Businesses to do in Warri

Believe it or not, Warri is not just a resilient city, it's a virgin land for business to thrive. If being your own boss sounds appealing to you, Warri is among the few cities in Nigeria that have what it takes to make it as a small business entrepreneur.

With the alarming rate of unemployment, in the country, these cool businesses might just be part of the solution to the challenge of unemployment and help residents, new settlers get involved in.

If we miss any cool, old or new business, Let us know in the comments section.

1. Digital Marketing.
I was inside a tricycle, and the rider was listening to sport on the radio station when it got to the time of advertisement, he turned down the volume of the radio. He did it, over and over again, and I noticed it and asked him why and he said,

"Bros them too dey shout and besides I nor get time for their adverts" i replied

"But Bros, ooO you know sey the guy wey get that company, don pay better gboza, to advertise, make people for hear and know about wetin he dey do, you come sef deny me opportunity to hearam"

"Oga, abeg, who advert help?" 
It's not that, it was the first time, I heard those words, but the way he said it, made me burst into laughter, I got to my stop and alighted.

That's the life of traditional marketing right now.

If your marketing is not working, your business is dying a slow death.

Marketing is the lifeline of any business. The marketing landscape is shifting from traditional marketing to a more customer friendly and interactive marketing style and digital marketing offers you this opportunity, to farm in this virgin land in Warri.

The business community is forcefully gravitating towards the online community. We are witnessing a tremendous change in the consumer spending behavior. This generation is not just the biggest online spenders, but they virtually do almost everything online. This shifting is not slowing down anytime soon.

There's already a huge need for digital marketers in Warri, you can be one among the very few that exist in the city and make money for yourself.

We have only a handful of digital marketers in Warri, Anyone can learn and become a Digital Marketing expert. Irrespective of his/her academic background, whether you have a tech background or not. It's expedient we point out that, you don’t need programming skills plus there’s no age limit to learning digital marketing and becoming a digital marketer. All you need a computer and an internet connection to learn, teach and become a digital marketing expert.

I should state briefly, here that Digital marketing is far more than Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM is just one platform under the large umbrella of digital marketing. (You can reach us if you'd like to become one and register for our monthly free digital marketing class)

2. Food Business, Not Fast Food.
Food business, not fast food remains one of the most lucrative business in the city of Warri. Fast food centers serve their purpose but there's this need for food centers that gives you that feeling of a home-cooked meal.

For Example Oga Sunny, after total before Mom civic center, You'll agree with me that, he does not have all the trappings of Sizzlers or AJ but has all kinds of customers that these places can think of.

Oga Sunny is at this extreme, so is another spot opposite Warri Libray, they sell good food. Just like you find queues at the regular fast food, so you do at these places. I am not talking selling food on a trolley, not at all, I am saying have a comfortable shop and sell good food, a well-prepared meal made by adults and served by adults, not teenageit. 

People want good food, not all that cheap, good food at average prices. Very local foods like white melon soup and assorted or ice fish, native beans and starch (Owho-esha), Ukodo, Yam, Plantain and goat meat, coconut rice, jollof rice etc.

Warri is a heterogeneous city, one can focus on just Yoruba dishes, like the amala, ewedus, or Igbo delicacies like Ofe Onugbu, Oha soup and still be very profitable.

3. Seasonal Business.
In Warri and some other parts of Nigeria, certain business thrives in a specific season. Some influenced by nature, festivals or inefficiency of the government.

Livestock e.g. Chicken, Goats, Rams, etc People make good money from these during Christmas, new year, Easter celebrations, Eid el Kabir, Malud etc. If you are looking for quick ways to make money, begin by building a relationship with farmhouses within and outside the city to get livestock for sale during festivals.

You can also make a fortune selling fuel as a black marketer. This is a strenuous business, but the money you make from this business is worth the stress. You buy from gasoline stations and sell at a profit. For example the recent fuel crisis, Black marketers where making an average of 50 naira per litre.

You might want to make some savings to profit from seasonal businesses in Warri.
4. Saloon Business
Do you know that vain glory is a commercial product? I am still amazed why we brag about nonessentials. This is not just a Warri issue, but Nigerian thing. This is why I still think barbing saloon would have been the next door neighbours to shoprite, because shoprite has the highest visitors to Delta mall. 

Imagine conversations like this?
"Na shoprite, I dey barb my hair ooh"

Hair Saloon is a very lucrative business in Warri. You can decide to open for guys, ladies or unisex. Location, services plus add ons determines the price. People cut hair every week and this number, I don't it see slowing down anytime soon.

So guys here you have, four very cool business, you can start any in Warri.

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