Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Effect of the Black out in Warri?

It's been 8 days, 5 hours and 36 minutes without electricity in Warri. Only evil thrives in darkness. Light is fundamental if we must make progress. We can't build a newwarri without light.
It's sad that as a nation, power supply remains a huge burden when China is constructing solar power roads. the i.e. road to power electric cars from the sun, the same sun that we have in reckless abundance.

The effect of the continued blackout is beginning to bite hard on residents of Warri as the blackout is costing SMEs in city millions of naira, emotional trauma, and leading to health hazards. We pray this power outage don't lead outbreak of cholera or any loss of life.

The amount of money spent on buying fuel and diesel is not business friendly especially now that gasoline station sells PMS at 190 or 200 naira per litre and black market sells 220 and above.

This power outage is affecting all kind of business across the city, for example, During a business survey, I once asked a butcher, Mr. Peter Owhowho working at Igbudu Market Slaughterhouse, what is the biggest challenge facing is business and the first thing he said was not money or lack of publicity but light. He said, Warri has over ten slaughterhouses and a minimum of 10 cows are slaughtered daily in the abattoir where he works, this means atleast 100 cows are slaughtered in Warri every day, when there's no light, customers that buy various parts of meat in bulk and stores in their refrigerator, buy only what they can consume daily and this not only slows down their business but cost these customers time and money to be coming to the markets to buy small portions.
This is just for slaughter business, how about other kinds of business that are running at loss e.g. frozen chicken/fish sellers, drink sellers or Warrishop, an online store that needs electricity round the clock?

Water from well and rivers, (Rivers which has been converted to channels to discharge human and domestic waste), has become the alternative to tap water, this is not hygienic and can lead to an outbreak of cholera.

We must not fail to mention aside PHCN, candle light is still the only source of light to some people, irrespective of the many sad stories from candle lights that led to houses burning down and loss of lives.

It's sad that with the rumor around town that patients buys fuel to power generators at the Central Hospitals in Warri, we pray no life is lost as result of this power outage.

It's sad to say that this power outage has led to unnecessary emotional problems, imagine coming home after a hard days work and there's no light, many have generators as an alternative, how about those with generators, or have generator but no money for fuel and your wife who just put to bed needs electricity for your 4 days old baby to be okay.
Five days ago BEDCpower tweeted, two days after the blackout and we are yet to see power being restored.

According to the tweets, the power outage was as a result of Effurun 132KVA line that is faulty, it has taken well over four days for this fault to be resolved. We hope this get's resolved ASAP.

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