Saturday, 24 February 2018

"So You Want to Blog?" by Collins Azuike.

Have you been to any market,? Of course you've been to Markets. When you go to market, especially sections that sells similar goods, you see sellers calling for your "attention", calling you to come to their stands.

This is what the Internet with platforms like Blogs, Email, Facebook, Instagram and a host of other digital marketing channels has created.

We've all become Marketers without realizing. If you're wondering what you're marketing, look no further, ask yourself why do you want more likes, comments or retweets?

You want all of that because you want to be noticed, unknown to you, you're marketing attention.

That's right, You're an "Attention Marketer", whether for fun or profits. The reality of our world today has forced us into the marketing world and if you must be relevant, then you have no choice but learn the craft.

Just about anyone can influence the marketing of any product or service, You can draw the right attention to your business or skills and still have fun if you know how.

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"So you want to blog?"

We'll talk about blogs, Digital marketing and phone photography.

03rd, March 2018, 10:00AM.

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