Saturday, 3 February 2018

Meet Enayon Urunmatsoma Anthony, The Warri Farmer.

It was Tarelayefa Zitu Blessing, director of Zitu Clothings, that introduce Mr. Enayon Urunmatsoma Anthony to me and on our first meeting the kindred spirits in us bonded. He’s among the very few building a #newwarri.

I followed up on his exploit with cucumber farming, from planting to harvesting, this passionate fish farmer, who recently in partnership with other fellow farmers ventured into crop farming, is the Warri Cordinator of YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Network and very passionate about the environment and feeding Africa.
He said, "Collins, our goal is 20% of the entire market in Delta state." This led himself and his team to acquire over 5 hectares of Land in a remote community to live and start farming.

Mr. Enayon ventured nto farming with fish farming, which he said was inspired by my love for fish actually and then he realized the potentials, opportunities and how much he could make from the business.

He said my growth in fish farming is based on what I call the three Fs.  I do fish farming for Food, For Funds and for Fun.
No doubt Mr. Enayon has grown in the fish farming business and it’s not like his early days where he scouts for customers, he sells is produce on the spots during harvesting, as ready to pay customers are in competition to buy from him.
Anthony Enayon believes that Farming has the potential not only lift Africa from obscurity but to also feed other continent.
Enayon believes everyone can get involved in fish farming, by first starting on a small scale. He advised that whosoever is interested should first get all information and training it may require, then do a market feasibility study to know how saleable your product will be in your area and beyond.

Move further to identify your customers, consider the nearness of your pond to them as well. After you have put all in place, It does not cost much to start, you can start small even right there in your compound or somewhere in the corner so as not to inconvenience neighbours.

Anthony Enayon, made himself open and accessible to anyone who wants to learn, he’s open for a free consultation session and guidance. In his words “I must say, starting is never easy, but in the long run as far as you stayed focused, you would be glad you did. Take the bold step, take the necessary risk, dare to be different and follow through. Let every challenge you go through inspiring you, learn from them. Let it drive you to pursue your goal. The profit may not start rolling immediately, but eventually would. Just have some little patience and grow through it.”

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