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Meet Ola, Director WarriShop

Olarenwaju Omoshowo Jude is an embodiment of an entrepreneur embroiled in civic responsibilities. I first got in contact with Ola, as he's fondly called in 2011, working with the The Visionary Academy for WarriMakeOver.

Nothing strengthens your resolve for civic responsibilities like seeing the Christmas tree planted in Warri MakeOver, still standing in Jakpa road after six years.

Collins Azuike of NewWarri had a chat with Mr. Ola, one of Warri's most eligible bachelors and he has some very interesting thinkgs to say about business and God.

Let us meet you.
My name is Omoshowo Olarewaju Jude and I am from Erun-ona obe-adun, Ilaje LGA of Ondo, but i have lived in Warri a good portion of my life and current resides in Effurun, Delta State, I am 35, single but not searching. (Lol)

I attended Merogun Primary School, Creative Demonstration College both in Warri South LGA of Delta State and tertiary education at the famous Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Delta state.

How did your interest in Online Retail begin?
The internet is a miracle and if you've not started taking advantage of this immense platform you're doing yourself a great injustice.

In my early University days getting things from friends and family over-sea was nothing but a hard nut to crack, today, they asked you for colour and the next day for size and believe me sincerely it wasn’t funny trying to Yahoo chat on Messenger then (the cost and poor network connection), so it became option two for my final project work, in 2016, Warri shop an online store was opened for business.
What’s name of your online store and why that name?
How would you describe WarriShop?
WarriShop is Nigeria's fastest growing online retailing shop and one stop shop for everyone.
WarriShop is not just an online retail or wholesale shop, there's also a well structured  affiliate programme called Vendor, where business owners can upload and sell their products, produce and goods on Warrishop platform for free

WarriShop in less than two years and has recorded remarkable success, she's currently conquering unknown territories when it come online shopping in Nigeria with the little resources available at her disposal, so we are a virgin ground for investors to till and get their returns is almost immediately.

Vendor's registration is as easy as you can get. Just sign-up as a Vendor and start uploading your products any where in the world.

Warrishop is one of the most visited online stores, we've not arrived at quarter of the journey, but the number of traffic we generate everyday, qualifies anyone to advertise not just their products but also events and pay for tickets. 
To conclude this question, I'd like to let you know that WarriShop is a complete market, were we are not only selling electronics, mobile gadgets, clothes, we also sell local produce i.e vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and meats etc. and cooked food at the same price as though you where at the market or fast food spot yourself.

The online community should i say online stores is a bit overcrowded how do you intend to set yourself and warrishop apart?
Our customer base is on the increase per second, there's dearth in conventional jobs and the little one's available are most of it very demanding and one practically have no time for his or herself  any more, so we ( thought we could help you ease the stress of the day by giving accurate and swift deliver of your products and service.

Warrishop is the first online retailing shop with Live Chat 24/7 Monday-Sunday.

Why entrepreneurship?
World over, no economy strive in the hands of the government, unfortunately for Africans instead policies implementations our governments want to get their noses in everything hence making life extremely difficult for the masses. The passion for souls, not wanting to let anyone suffer and of course meeting my daily needs drives this. Believe me, every small businesses that strives is a plus to the society.
What’s your biggest challenge as an individual?
Finance, the online store is a multi million dollars business hence like i stated earlier investors are welcome.

What are the challenges warrishop is facing? 
In three words i will say, Acceptance, Publicity and Trust. People think of Warri more of the negative vibes than the positives and WarriShop is here to change all that perceptions.

Who inspires you in your line of business?
Apart from the fact that Matthew Ashimolowo propel the engine with the word, Jack Ma is my inspiration.

Can we trust your product on quality and durability?
You know that there’s an erroneous impression about the name Warri, even though it’s a well recognize brand. Yes of course our products are of good qualities and good proportional to durability here.

What has been your career highlight?
Sending a pair of Shoe to USA for the first time was so fulfilling and many more international deliveries, it simply tells me that “the sky is big enough to accommodates all birds”
What are you most afraid of?
Wake up one morning and there’s no Warrishop.

In your opinion, what’s the best way forward for young people in this city?
Dream, and when people hate you for it! Dream Again, and when they despised you for dreaming! Dream the more and the sky will be your stepping stone.

Can you describe yourself in three words?
Pragmatic, Funny and a Loving person.

Whose the most famous person you’ve met?
Celebrity wise Ayo Makun (AY) and personality wise Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye (Daddy G.O)

What does the future hold for Olarewaju Omoshowo Jude? 
I will say it's philosophically “The only time you are permitted to look down on someone, is when you are helping him/her up”  

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