Monday, 11 December 2017

Eugenic Ultra Mart, Warri

We first learnt about Eugenic Ultra Mart from the internet, Instagram precisely, but it's sad that they are not doing so well with their Instagram page or any other social media platform. maybe they don't believe in the power of the internet or they are just traditional traders who has no interest in the Millennials and digital natives generation.
Just recently, I saw a tweet from Delta Mall, tweeting about Shoprite Nigeria, which already has free word of mouth publicity but yet still engages with customers or potential customers consistently on the internet especially social media.

Super stores like Lee Oasis, Tivo and Exchange Superstores, have good structures, car parks but not well known in the city, why because they have no digital footprints or visibility and we think this is the same part Warri first 24 hours shopping store is towing.

Firstly, Eugenic Ultra Mart 24 hour weekend shopping is a fantastic idea, they are effectively maximizing and leveraging on their good location, I.e. seating under Club Edge, a leading tastefully furnished night club in Warri.
Secondly, Eugenic Ultra Mart is a one stop shop for almost everything, We love the way they systematically dedicates specific sections to their strengths, for example When you walk into the store, to your right is a standard pharmacy that has two well trained nurses and a fully functional laboratory for all kind of test.

You can't but also notice the DSTV section still on your right hand side, where you can do all your DSTV or GOTV business.

To your left is a tastefully furnished cosmetic section, which gives you an impression that they are not just cosmetics sellers, but professionals at it and they backed that up with a dedicated makeup studio.

You can shop for provisions, liquor, clothing and perfumes, and also do quick cash services, if you can't access the ATM.
Every Wednesday, Eugenic Ultra Mart closes business operations by 2:00AM and from Thursdays to Sunday, 5:00AM and allows their staff to rest at their staff quarters.

We hope that Eugenic Ultra Mart do something about their poor digital visibility and every resident in Warri should visit and shop with them.

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