Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Turn On The Light.

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”  ― Maya Angelou.
What is home for you?
Where can you call home?
A safe abode?
A place where yearn to be, because you can be free?
A city of family?
A city where you grew up or was made?
A city that gives you that nolstagic feeling?

Warri has been and will remain that place for me, A place of peace, tranquility and good memories. A place with rich traditional heritage and custom. A place of proud, confident and loud people. A place where genuine and raw talents abounds in numbers, an opening for techpreneurs, agropreneurs, creatives and change agents.

This renown Nigeria city is known and famous for many things and play key strategic role in every sector of Nigeria. Home to one of Nigeria's refinery, biggest exporter of talents in Nigeria's billion dollar entertainment industry and a virgin land of opportunities ripe for exploitation.

Home is no home when it is not safe, many of us has gone out and secured good for ourselves and family and don't want to lose it to crude elements. For this reason many have adopted, are adopting and will continue to adopt another home, because the present climate in Warri has robbed us off the needed security.

We have made Warri unsafe by ourselves and things will not change if we don't do something about it now.

We have made Warri unsafe by turning of the lights in our establishments, shops, plazas, organisations etc. Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan left office and took the generators powering the street lights in Warri and Okowa is working but can't work for the street lights in Warri to be turned on.

Evil thrives in darkness, if we must live secured and enjoy this Christmas, then we must light up Warri.

Turn on light.

You might be wondering or probably asking, I'm not government, or own a company how can I Light up Warri?, You don't need to be part of any to help Light up Warri or turn on the light.

If you're reading this post then you can turn on the light the light. With the internet you have a voice to play in stalking the darkness in Warri.

So here's what you can do:

a. Post pictures of dark places that needs light, 
b. Bad street lights, 
c. Tweet and post why you want our street lights back,
d. Talk to your Mama and Papa who owns a shop or organisation to ensure their outside light is always on.
e. Join the conversation online, Via twitter and facebook with the hashtag #turnonthelight
f. Connect organisations on your tweet, mention organisations operating in Warri to provide a street around their business environment. 

This is a call to all lovers of Warri, who this beautiful city has once been a home to, all Photographers, Bloggers, Activist and Change Agents, Social media users, slay queens and kings to light up Warri.

We know PHCN or BEDC has their challenges, it's our expectation that they improve on their services, so if you have a shop, when closing your shop for the day turn on your outside light.

For organisations like the banks and other establishment along Warri-Sapele road, Airport road, Deco road and another area, you can power a minimum of four streets light, two to your left and two to your right and it won't affect your generator or power consumption.

Darkness don't thrive in light, they do only in darkness, Turn on the light and help keep Warri safe.

Don't forget to post your picture.
Let's make the newwarri safe.

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