Tuesday, 14 November 2017

So you are the smart, good Warri Guy?

Last week we started an online campaign Turn On The Light to bring back the street lights in the Warri and while viewing my twitter timeline, i saw series of tweets against the kind of artiste Nickelodeon and Maltina are bringing for #Nickfest a supposed event for children.
The tweets was against great artiste like Davido, Olamide and co who makes great songs with contents that are not child friendly. I totally agree with this campaign to protect the innocence of our children and demand for more children friendly contents from our supposed high stars, but we can't claim to be good guys, good girls when we don't support the supposed child friendly content makers.

Many of the people leading these protest had rarely posted or supported actions that promotes or encourage strong institutions in Nigeria or artiste with moral contents.

I had issue with Olamide song story for the god which i think was encouraging rape, not to mention Davido's 30 billion that in my opinion was an insult to hardwork and hardworking Nigerians who off course won't dare spend their hard earn, as the young Adeleke is suggesting.

Now, these may appear like, I'm saying the young Adeleke is not hardworking, on the contrary, His hardwork is reflecting with the consistent hit upon hits and awards, but he's working hard to create a false future. Songs in my opinion that is attacking hardworking and encouraging frivolity, which as we can see is part of the reason for the current state of the nation.

How many of our civil servant, business people or farming Mum, Aunties Uncles, and Dad that laboured to send their wards to school can boast of a million not to mentioned 1 billion, that will now land in a girls account? This can also mean the man with the deepest pocket taketh the girl home, what does that mean for our sisters?

These songs don't only encourage immorality, but were at thesame time discouraging hardwork which i know is the key to lasting success. Ask  Mr. Ukeredi who built Delta Career College from nothing to a reputable educational institution in the city, through hardwork.

One thing i have come to observe in Warri is that we talk less, support less and volunteer less for the good causes that promotes hardwork, morality, collaboration and civic responsibility, but are quick to condemn when things goes south.

Evil thrives when good people do nothing, things are in retrogression in Warri, because the supposed good guys like you and me have refused to do anything to support good works.

We see good stuff on morality and hardwork on social media, but we don't comment, quote, retweet, share or like, we pretend to be the professionals and ignore them or "nor be my persin dey do am"

Last month, I attended a spoken word and music evening organised by Nyimarr spoken word and i had a nice time and guess what, it was a free event, but we won't support things like that will actually help position Warri in a positive light.
So here's my two cent to the good guys and girls out there, if you don't want to continue taking a beating from the bad guys in Warri, then join me do the following

1. Support good causes in the city especially with your social media platforms and skills.

2. Volunteer for good causes like cleanwarri, ochipatty foundation, Zion Oshiobuge school.

3. Take a pledge to post, share and retweet only the good of and about Warri.

4. Join the online army anytime, anyday and from anywhere to drown out any negative review about the city of Warri.

5. Try and show empathy, especially on issues that relates to Warri and Nigeria.

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