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Education and your future

In 1936, a child was born, his name was Hussein Baracka Nyango, he was raised in small Kenyan village with limited opportunity for education and being the child of a poor farmer, he had limited opportunity for schooling. 
This young boy loved school, he was passionate about it, but had little opportunity to attend the best, just the local school available. As the son of one the village elder, farmer and medicine man, he was destined to take his father’s role, but fate had something planned for the future, because he determine is own future by pursuing the best in education.

With hard work and luck he, was able to get a scholarship to study outside is small community and he went to Nairobi Kenya to study. There in Nairobi he excelled in his academics and also learnt some trade and skill. He became a cook and a very good one while he was still studying he won another scholarship to study abroad.

He knew education was not just is ticket to a great life but that of his family and children. He was fortunate enough to be selected by his nation to go and study economics in Hawaii, while studying he met a shy 18 year old lady and they got married and in 1961, they had a son.

He’s educational prowess yet again got him another scholarship to do is PhD in Harvard, at this time the best and arguably still the best university in the world, but this time he couldn’t travel with his family, so he went by himself and later returned to Africa without his young family, Kenya to work with the government as a top educated ranking official, but he had planted in his young son the same zeal to pursue education.

His young son growing up as a young black man in country where racism was strong and a black man is regarded as a monkey, he knew that, only through excellence and good character can he not only best is white counterpart but also lead them in the future.

Life took this young man from Honolulu, to Indonesia, to Hawaii and to New York and he later settled in Illinois Chicago.

Growing up with his grandparents, he gave his education the very best. He first studied Politics and majored in International politics in University of Columbia, New York. He later went on to study law. That same University Harvard, where his father had is second scholarship, this young man in 1988 enrolled in that university and he became the first black African America to be president of Harvard Law Review.

Working as legal assistant he met a beautiful lady named Michelle Robinson and they got married and gave birth to two beautiful girls. With the quality education has acquired he contested as a senator from Chicago, lost and recontested again, this time he won and later he contested for the President of the United States of America.
On the 20th of January, 2007, this man was sworn in as the 44th President of the united states of American, is Name is Barrack Hussein Obama.

Now that you’ve keenly heard this story, My host asked me to speak about Education and your future, but I am afraid, I cannot do that today with everyone.

I came here to speak with certain group of people not everyone. Matthew 22:14, Many are called but few are chosen. The truth is not all of us here believes in Education.

I came here to speak to only those who believes that education is the future, not just for themselves but their children, that irrespective of where you are from, village or towns that your education can be your ticket to your desired future.

With permission of my host, I will like to ask,  If you believe in Education please seat down, but if you don’t can  you please stand up and quietly leave the hall?

Now I am not asking if you are going to school, because that’s what everyone is doing or your parents are pushing you to go to school, you’re going to school for yourself and by yourself because you believe it can change your world and the world, please seat down.

So what’s education?

Education is the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill to people willing and ready to learn. Education can also mean the act of teaching or acquiring knowledge and understanding by attending a school or college.

You see, just like your health, family or spouse is important for you to have a good life in future, Education is pivotal if that life will be one of ignorance or life changing.
What are the challenges of Education.
Everybody wants to be educated, but there are challenges, before now, the number one challenge to education is finance, but believe me you times has changed and finance is no longer the number challenge to education. Yes it’s a challenge but on my scale the least among them all.

1.      Successful People without education
a.       Corporate leaders e.g. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg we can debate about Mark, but don’t forget he got is idea from within the walls of education, how about google? It’s still from education too.
b.      Entertainers or super stars e.g. Wizkid, Al Pacino, even Tuface, I doubt if her graduated from IMT in Enugu state.

2.      Government
a.       Poor infrastructures
b.      Poor motivation
c.       Merit or reward system

3.      Parents
a.       House work,
b.      Uneducated and not concerned

The fourth and the most powerful is you.
4.      You.
You are the biggest challenge to your education.
a.       Are you willing to sacrifice your TV or Play time?
b.      Burn night candle?
c.       Go the extra mile?
By going the extra mile are you ready to work for your education?
What are you willing to do for you to be educated?
d.      Swallow your pride and unlearn and relearn?

Now you may want to ask me, but what do I stand to gain from Education?
What are the benefits. We heard rumour that President Buhari had only secondary school certificate and he’s still the president or Wizkid or Tubaba, yet they are still successful and rich.
Is Education the only way for me to have a great future?

I can only speak for a few people who like me are without any artistic ability but believes strongly that Education can be the shapers of the future.

You may not have heard about Debola Williams or Chude Jideowo, this two young educated guys have successfully installed Two African President with their smart and brilliant strategies. They successfully installed President Buhari of Nigeria and President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana.

The benefits of Education is limitless, but I’ll share a few and I hope it’s enough to inspire you to be deliberate about pursuing your education when you leave this place.

Benefits of Education
Education is one of the vital weapon you can use to empower yourself.

1.      It grows you mentally 
There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.’- Nelson Mandela

Being educated equips you with knowledge and it opens your mind to new ways of thinking. School is where you sharpen the skills that you have and learn more skills You become a problem solver full of solutions because your thinking is sharpened.

Education enlightens you and inspires you to desire more through the knowledge you obtain. Your mind is broadened in its thinking and imaginative capacity.

Your creativity is sharpened .
Your ideas and thoughts are used in the workplace to create growthWhen you develop your mind, you prepare yourself to start new experiences and position your mind for success.

2.      It elevates your career
Education will place you in a powerful position to determine the success of your career. You can travel any career path when you are empowered through learning. For example Barack Obama started with Political science and International studies, he delved into politics, now he’s into philanthropy

You may take the entrepreneurial route or you can seek employment opportunities. Education gives your career the legitimacy it needs to become a success. The beauty of education is that you can always continue your studies and accomplish other goals.
The more qualified you are in the work field the more eligible you become for promotions and career advancement.
Education can also help you get into a new field when you need to navigate a career switch . The expertise that you specialised in college becomes valuable to a business in that field. The skills you acquire allow you to showcase your work and knowledge to potential employers and investors and this creates a sustainable income for you. The quality of your current job can be improved through additional studying and qualifications.

From research, the Jews are the most gifted, richest people on this earth, they control the banks and world economy. People like George Soros, JP Morgan, Baron Rothschild, Larry Elison, even Zuckerberg. These people believes that education is the one thing they are willing to even borrow to achieve, because they have it, you can’t take it from them.
The only leverage Barack Obama had to be able to come out as President of the most powerful nation on earth was his education. Education will not only give you Societal placement, it will give you Value, Information and you know in our world today information they say is power.

Education gives you an opportunity to build a foundation in which you can accomplish greatness. When you are educated you become confident enough in your skills and offerings and you can build up your career through that confidence. In this economy, unemployment is high and knowledgeable and skilled candidates are still the first preference. The knowledge gained through education and experience is valuable in the work and business sector.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated, educate yourself today, not for yourself, but for the future and if you want Nigeria to be better.

Getting educated is one of the best self-development tools you can instil to change your life. It’s never too late to empower yourself through education.

Choose education to turn your future into the success you desire. Success requires bold decisions and commitment to achieving what you set out to do. This means eliminating fear and excuses (Excuses like I too big for this kind work, there should nothing you should be ashamed of to do for your future through education, if you cannot carry block today, you may become may guard tomorrow,) that are in the way of your ability to create the best future.

When you register to write any exam or do any program you must give it your best knowing that it has the capacity to ignite a beautiful career for you.

Looking at your faces, I believe strongly in my heart that you all have a great future. The future is a distance journey, but there’s a car or an air craft that can get you there and that’s education thank you.

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