Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Delta Mall Warri.

Why do you refer to Delta Mall as Shoprite? it's like calling all seasoning cubes Maggi or all detergents omo and all noodles Indomie. Shoprite is a store, if not the biggest store inside the mall, but a store like every other stores like Button-Up, Mekyns or Lifemate etc. My first piece on Delta Mall was not a review but about the 5 Kind of People you will find in Delta mall.

Delta mall has practically brought together all kinds and class of people in the city under one roof. It has helped to fill the gap left by the defunct children park at Effurun roundabout.
I call Delta Mall Warri "the symbol of modern civilisation" in Warri, why? because I think it's the best thing that has happened to the city in the recent years. For a long time, the city has been without a unifying centre for fun, shopping and relaxation.

It has become the "go to place" for everything. You can practically do everything there, except have your bath. The arrays of shops and the notable brands like Levi, TM Lewin and Mekyns owning a shop at the mall, is a testament that the city is growing and ready for more growth.

The Food court reminds me of my first Mall experience in Ikeja Lagos, but at the same time shows that the city needs to do more. At the Ikeja mall every space was properly utilized, I remember seeing matured young ladies fixing nails on the balcony upstair.

All prominent network companies has a store or office inside the mall, unlike Warri, where MTN is yet to have. It is sad that MTN does not have an office yet in Warri, despite being the network with the largest subscribers in the city and environs and I am beginning to doubt if MTN has an office in the entire Delta state, not a partnership office, a real office.

I know there's a gift shop and african prints shop at the exit and entrance. DSTV, two or more shops that sells mobile phones and accessories, perfume shop, shoes, various clothing lines, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile Telecoms office. Various clothing brand that sells for male, female and children.

Inside Delta Mall, you are sure to find pharmaceutical store, fitness shop and also an optical centre.

There is a furniture and home fitting shop and also two or more electronics shops e.g. Founi that deals on LG products only and off course Genesis cinema, that is drowning Light house cinema at Golden Tullip Plaza.

Golden Tullip, anytime I think of that facility I see another another potential resourceful place wasting away like Isoken Plaza at Enerhen Junction. Golden Tullip would have been one of the go to places if it's functional. It has a cinema, Light House cinema, it has a gaming center, saloon, Lounge, outdoor bar and swimming and just beside it is the famous Golden Tullip hotel and a Dome for events.

In all my visits there, the place was less patronized, Why? I think that it's less publicized and focus is on the new plaza under construction at former woodridge hotel, that rumour has it, was shut down because it was close to high tension, I wonder why it's approved for collections of store that will attract more people.

Sorry about the deviation, back to Delta Mall, the best part for me are the game centre close to the food court, the train ride, that keeps the children busy while parents or guardian relax or catch up with friends.

The management of the mall has maintained best standard with security, parking and conveniences. They have ensured that within and outside the premise remains clean, tidy and serene at all time.

It would be nice to see a standard frozen food shop operate inside the mall, A place where you can get fresh frozen fish and meats of all kinds and assortment.

Delta Mall is safe and secure, but they shut down by 9PM except if you are going to the Bar or the night club upstairs. If Eugenic Ultra-mart that is barely three months old in Warri are able to maintain their 24 hours weekend service for the next six months then we foresee a good business competition and this may just be what's needed for the awaited come back for Night Life in the city, as I am sure, Delta Mall, will open their gates beyond 9PM. Young crawlers might wonder, why not shop at Eugenic, hang out at Club Edge upstairs?

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